Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Read ’em and Weep…

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  1. first…now sucka ma weiner

  2. first to not give a fuck

  3. First?

  4. I’d like to see some hard statistics on how many of those 12-taco-packs are actually purchased for parties vs. individual consumption.

  5. Coz The Dude is a better name for a dog…
    + So many Duchies here eh?

  6. Hoi Oatmealandi!

    Hier nog een dutchie!

  7. Greta Jacks The Dude? Mehurrd.

  8. Hoi 🙂 Ik ben niet Dutchie maar ik woon in Nederland… Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands (as you can see) maar ik probeer te leren!

  9. Valt best mee hoor

  10. Waar kom je vandaag oatmealandi? Your Dutch is pretty good!

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    I bet The Dude is a very well behaved dog, he would be very respectful of your carpet (it does tie the room together) and The Dude abides.

  12. Volgens mij zitten hier alleen maar Nederlanders, die allemaal Engels met elkaar praten… Hoe lame zou dat zijn dan meh

  13. Geen Nederlander, wel vanuit Nederland…

    So I guess the Kadashians became famous because they showed their tacos?

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @12 erg lame….

  15. België represent! 🙂

  16. I know that dog.

  17. murder face sandwich is an epic name for a dog lol

  18. The dog name is cute. The “Suck My Dick” guy, now he’s pretty cool.

  19. Yes, real cool. I wear shirts with pathetic obliquely gay/selfish/sexually frustrated aspersions in front of little kids as well. I’d leave them alone together.

  20. Go leor de na teangacha ar anseo inniu.

  21. Dún do bhéal anois!

  22. Cen fath?

  23. ClimbThatSymphonyHome

    Is maith liom Lamebook!!…GAILLIMH ABU!!! 🙂

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