Monday, November 8, 2010

Read ’em & Weep

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  1. undergroundtunnel

    Eh, not funny.

  2. Dear sec check picture taker.

    See that button labeled PRTSCR? Learn to love it! :p

  3. I love Poo, too!

  4. I like the last one.. rest = meh

  5. Wordprevert? Seriously?

  6. Seriously.

  7. @3 I love poo more!

  8. Tits.

  9. i had to laugh at the Pooh one. Who the hell published that and didn’t notice the reference?

  10. I used to have that book. Seriously.

  11. Oy, wordy, have you got a SWF type stalker now?
    Strange that it’s your Pooh comment that finally brought it about…

  12. I never knew my love of fecal matter would come back to bite me.

    That’s apt to be a bite that becomes infected!

  13. Nikki, it’s obviously a Serval.
    Damn right that’s a security check…you definitely have to keep your gooch contained, lest it rub people the wrong way.

    Brienna and Natasha, I. fucking. hate. the. both. of. you.

  14. In my dreams, there are multiple Wordys. However, there are no fecal matter-loving or hyperlink-less imitations. 🙁

  15. @13,
    Couldn’t that be an African golden cat?

  16. @15 Could be…could be.

  17. Cooking with pooh, yummy. Think I’ll try that out this weekend. Where can I get some?

  18. Cooking with pooh is disgusting, amoral and demeaning.

    It should be eaten raw, leaving some spare to spread across the face(s) and mouth of the receptacle(s)….any adding of ingredients or cooking invalidates the very point of curling one out over your loved one(s)

  19. Two girls, one cup and a spatula. That bear is depraved man.

  20. vaginalroundhouse

    I prefer Mixing with Tubgirl

  21. I don’t like cooking with pooh but I do like fingerpainting with pooh.

  22. There’s a recipe for me in there.

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