Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ready for Parenthood

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  1. MsBuzzkillington

    When did bby become acceptable? So many people say it.

  2. Dogs are people too.

  3. is christina’s last name Bobbitt?

  4. MsBuzzkillington

    I didn’t even read the second one. I like how she takes it all the way to having a sex change to stop having babies, instead of one of the much more simpler options.

  5. the first one was pretty great, “oh, here goes another hella stupid lamebook poster” and…it kinda was, but i definitely did not see the puppy thing coming

  6. Is it really that hard add an “a” to bby? sheesh.

    Jamoya might want to be more specific.

  7. funny how she thinks that cutting Billy’s dick off will prevent her from still being a wanton whore

  8. So I’m just going to assume that “Jamoya”–lordy, what a name–gave birth to a puppy. A two-headed puppy. With flippers.

  9. @hobo

    And just as tasty.

  10. Jamoya, shut up, you’re pathetic.

    Christina, refer to what I said to Jamoya.

  11. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Am I that far out of the loop? When did they start spelling “you” with an “h”?

  12. Christina should’ve known a condom isn’t a reliable form of birth control, especially if it breaks

  13. I love puppies!

  14. I just…ummm…I don’t – I give up.

  15. Kudos Lamebook, the puppy part was definitely a plot twist. That being said, I’d have to kick Jamoya in the uterus for her sympathy-sucking-through-misleading.

    And I’m with yhu Chalmers, when the hell did the H come into play?

  16. Now as much as I want to vomit at Jamoya’s status, and what’s really behind it, I do not like it when people on Lamebook go looking for the people in the posts.

    It makes this an unequal playing field.

    Very poor form of you, #16.

  17. /\ seconded – it’s lead to trouble before, why go back.

  18. #15, that is. I’m far from poor form.

  19. Oh, it’s gone. Excellent.

  20. Jamoya makin me cray-z. Lol

  21. People are going to read these comments and wonder what the hell we were talking about – Wordy, I’m your witness we aren’t crazy and someone was being an LB douche.

  22. Jamoya is definitely into beastiality.

  23. Comments, as much our comments may look dumb now, we both know we’re not.

    nuff, I think you’re onto something.

  24. I’ll never understand this new fascination with coming up with weird ass names, or spelling them stupidly. Erinn? Ieshia? Britnie? I think less of their parents for this.

  25. Can we have some good posts (or a funny aneurism) please?

  26. Really Jamoya?? WTF

    And BTW Christina, the pull out method is not an effective form of birth control no matter what he says. try sterilization.

  27. @word
    how did you get that comment removed? 2 people did that in the other comments today and they are reporting back on other things in the persons profile…. wierdos

  28. sidneybunny, I have magical powers. word said the word, and poof!, it disappeared.

    And you’re absolutely right. People doing that shit are weirdos. Much weirder than those in any Lamebook post.

  29. @word
    Aw fuzz! I’m jealous none of my magical powers are as cool… as mine are all made up. Kudos to you 🙂

  30. Wow I actually was feeling bad for Jamoya…what a stupid bitch. Hope she decides on adoption when she gets knocked up.

  31. Brah, I don’t even know how I would pronounce Ieshia. It’s basically some parent saying “look at me, I’m SO ORIGINAL.” Sadly, it’s their child, not them, who ends up looking like a retard.

  32. footfootfootfoot

    “Iesha” is a legitimate Arabic name and you can only assume that Ieshia is simply a variant. People really need to lay off of names with non-traditional roots; who really cared what somebody’s name is? Sorry we can’t all be Brads or Courtneys.

  33. @kayachan it’s pronounced “eye-ee-shuh” and like footfootfootfoot said, it’s a traditional Arabic name not a LOLOLOL ZOMG ORIGINAL name.

  34. redwhiteandblues


    I agree with you. I don’t even see the point of picking on the names of the people. Everyone has the right to name their children as they please. Stop being such assholes.

  35. Jamoya is a total asshole. I hope all her friends unfriend her.

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