Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Red Nose Rant

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  1. Topical.

  2. a fine demonstration of plagiarism.

  3. Sounded like it might have been lifted. What comedian did it first?

  4. i don’t know who originally did it, but i’ve read similar things a number of times. some of them are actually pretty funny, unfortunately this isn’t one of them. if you google “rudolph the red nosed reindeer rant”, you’ll find all sorts of sites to which similar rants have been posted. ironically i don’t think this has ever been posted to lamebook. how ironic.

  5. ^how redundant, dumbfuck.

  6. Paranoid Android72

    Here’s something original:- Fuck you Cameron and the plagiaristic camel you rode in on. In the world of Google, no-one is blind (except the stupids).

  7. ^ What’s a matta with you?

  8. Paranoid Android72

    Aside from my low-level alcoholism and intolerance to arse-holes/stupidity/inane questions, nothing much really.

  9. Cameron’s insightful insight has changed my world view, possibly forever.. but more likely just until I sober up.

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