Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red, White, & Puke


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  1. you’re probably pregnant. keep drinking.

  2. Nice… hope she miscarries.

  3. i think maybe kristi had a little bit much to drink as well… crunk.

  4. Maybe Kimberly’s a lightweight. I can’t comment because 1 bottle of wine would leave me incapacitated. But yeah, there are some activities that are best left un-status updated.

  5. you’re too crunk=game recognizes game and you’re looking unfamiliar to me right now

  6. I suspect she kept drinking in between posts.

    Two bottles of white wine, consumed quickly, would make most people puke at the time – but not that long afterward.

    Also, Kieran, that’s not funny, you’re just a douche.

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