Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Redirecting Realizations

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  1. Serious comment here. That is just plain mean to make unsuspecting people have to watch/listen to Nickleback.

  2. Oh shit, I forgot!

  3. Lol rofl lols big lols wtf omg , OMG with rofls and some suck a bowel

  4. Oh come on, Nickleback isn’t that bad guys!

  5. Nickleback jokes-n-jabs are far worse than the band. Let’s move along now, it’s getting old, no one listens to music of the 2000’s anyways.

  6. Lamebook, why did you censor it you fuckers? It ruins the fun.
    I probably know a person with that common name…

  7. I’m with Capn on this one.

  8. I don’t get it?

  9. That seems to be the general consensus in your case Big Dog, no?

  10. I don’t get that CapnJaques?

  11. You wouldn’t 🙂

  12. I wouldn’t what? I’m confused.

  13. You just wouldn’t…I don’t know what else to say. Its hard trying to explain something to someone you know spends a least half the day licking their own asshole. If you really want to be confused I can pretend to throw a ball….Who’s a good boy?!?

  14. ???

  15. Quit looking at me like that and wagging your tail. Go get the ball!

  16. Someone needs to just stay on the porch.

  17. I like d’ way you t’ink Moby. y’get seasick easy do ye? I believe we’ve got a few open positions aboard r’ beloved vessel, d’ Infamous Hickory-Knob d’scourge of d’ high seas, harbinger off verbal filth, and w’need them filled by iintelligent, willing, brave, and courageous men and wenches alike! By chance Ye’ be interested as as gunner, ‘r a keep fer d’ beasts on board do ye’?

    Some of d’ old crew r’ caught up’ in port for d’ time being or have been lost t’ time itself…We can’t sail this old beauty expect’n t’ live wit’out a few good fell’rs to assist in dispatching of d’ filthy, flea ridden, Royal landlubbers and men of ‘d Kings Guard dat b’ t’ink’n Port Lamebook b’ no place for an honerable Pirate Capn and his Crew to come drink ‘n be merry after a long day treasure hunting. dat n’ dey b’ hav’n no respect fer us n’ arr lovely wenches!

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