Friday, February 19, 2010

Regretfully Racist

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  1. thanks Jerrika…go ahead, make me ashamed to be German…UGH.

  2. strawberry milk

    lol gas her with the rest of ’em .

  3. “Off topic a little, isn’t a “federation ” the same as a Union? I don’t know but “Russian Federation” sounds a lot like “Soviet Union.””

    I don’t know…are you ready to submit that the European Union and the Soviet Union have similar identities/goals?

    The Russian Federation is a loosely “incorporated” group of countries that were former Soviet states. Not all of the former states are members of the RF, and some only seem to pop up during the Olympics (Georgia, for example – no one hears a peep from Georgia until a luger “moves on to a better place”).

    The difference being, the USSR had a central government that…well, governed all of the states in the union. The Russian Federation is a federation of individual countries with individual governments.

  4. Haven’t we all learned a lot about a lot? 😀

  5. John Players Standard

    Oh right because you BECOME Aryan not born… Sorry my bad

  6. Seriously? I’d like to send that girl on a tour through one of the concentration camps in Austria, Germany or Poland … but maybe she’d like that, too. Makes me sad ….

  7. Im reallyyy hoping thats like Sharpie, not a real tattoo.
    Cuz it looks like shit.

  8. I’m just gonna skip the racism, and just say that Stacy “signing” all of her posts with MOM is annoying. Think your daughter doesn’t recognize your name?

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