Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Relationship Status: Needs Work



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  1. @ europe_rocks – Thanks! 🙂

  2. you’re welcome!

  3. europe rocks , in thailand i saw girls that were wankers

    But maybe they were’t girls , i just don’t get the world sometimes.

  4. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ europe_rocks – surely you can be giving a guy a handjob and that would make you a wanker, as you are participating in the act of wanking? You don’t have to be doing it to yourself, you know…

  5. 1. ‘Spelt’ and ‘learnt’ are Americanisms of ‘real’ words – by which I mean they are not ‘real’ words.

    2. Any woman having a strum is wanking, you don’t need to have a cock for that. Wanking and masturbating is the same thing.

    3. Spellcheck? Don’t lord it over others for their errors then confess to having used a spellcheck on your own posts!

  6. A bird wankin ‘erself is “avin a strum”? LOL, this is why all us Yanks are Anglophiles!

  7. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Gank – sorry to put the proverbial English cat amongst the equally English (diseased) pigeons in Leicester Square, but ‘spelt’ is the traditional English spelling. ‘Spelled’ is American English, and has become ingreasingly used over here.

    Having a strum? You’re doing us proud, lad. Share the lexicon. Tell them some of the other phrases we use for that act…!

  8. Vic – I refute that, without researching it, for fear of being wrong after having taken such condescending tone!

    Er… what about ‘fiddling the till’? Is that an exclusively English phrase?

  9. I particularly enjoy the expression ‘flicking the bean’ and ‘diddling’

  10. Tossing the tuppence.

  11. I enjoy the simple masturbation terminology. My favourite is ‘having a fucking wank’!

  12. @ Gank – So what if I use spellcheck – I wish more other people will learn to apply the same principal… I mean, it’s a click of a fucking button. OH, and, I hope you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… You know the rest… 🙂

    I love my job.

  13. Spell check is not always your friend. You should have written “principle,” not “principal.”

  14. Katie Mae… I don’t always use spellcheck. I use it ‘sometimes’. But, I forgot, people like you, are inhuman fucking sausage loving robots.

    *Rolls Eyes* Fuck this. You’re a douche. Have a nice day, you sad sack of shit. 🙂

  15. What’s spelchek?

  16. It’s that think shim should learn to use, and me, apparently 🙁 I am sad.

  17. @Svetlana-You’re not getting laid that much recently,are you?Never thought about taking part at an angry management class?Just an advice.Have a nice day tho…

  18. Don’t be sad, at least you’re not Morris 🙂

  19. @ ni hao – actually, I get laid EVERYDAY… more than you and your hand can say. And I don’t think that last post for Katie Mae was “anger management” worthy. Ask KennyChen and Lorne852 how I packed out on them. At least I admitted I was wrong.

    @Joker… Thanks sweets!

  20. @Svetlana, Kenny Chen and Loren852 Ahhhhhhhhhh those were good ones baby

  21. Yeah that’s what people keep telling themselves when they’re in a dry spell…So,have you met my hand yet?Talked to her?

  22. @SeeBea – WTF is up with all the shims??

  23. No se chica, but they havn’t been seen hide nor hair of since.

  24. So, you’ve seen it? What do you think?

    And I meant we have a new shim coming up.. 😐

  25. Pretty hot baby, my laptop is still smokin’

    I must be missing something. I’m not seeing any good ones. Thay all seem pretty timid.

  26. No duck face anyway 😀

  27. I cannot discuss this here – this shim can spell, and is smarter than the usual – I think they are evolving!

  28. give me a thread?

  29. Hey,do you both need a gender?What’s the matter about what I’m hiding in my crotch?

  30. Right below you!! Watch out! *gets thrown with screen by ni hao* OUCH! And you say I need anger management?

  31. @ni hao: I don’t get it. Who needs a gender? and I could not care less about what’s in your crotch.

  32. Haha, it’s an inch, SeeBea! 🙂

  33. I said “angry management”:)been there done that,but unfortunately it doesn’t works successfully everytime,you just have to try,it may works for you,give it a shot!

  34. By the way I need your backup on Just don’t reply… xx

  35. Yes Svetlana,it’s just an hinch and it’s working just more than fine for me…

  36. @ni hao – I see the anger management classes have paid off! 🙂 You shouldn’t take us too seriously. I could use someone like you for my army… I like your whit, and you can spell…

  37. geez now I’m flattered!And to think that English is not even my second language,no wait…not even the third,can you belive this?

  38. How the hell do you pronounce qustain?

  39. I believe ‘qustain’ is pronounced ‘cum-stain’.

    As in: “Morriss’s parents should have left him as a qustain”.

    He is clearly using it incorrectly.

  40. uhh, weirdo.

    “qustain” is DEFINITELY “QUESTION”

  41. @kimmiebitch

    REALLY?? Is that really the only error you felt worth mentioning within that whole novel typed up there? Or did you just not notice any of the others? You imbecile.

  42. oh no, she has a baby with this UTHERE man ? that is very sad.
    i wish i could msg this dude.

  43. I need help with a CUMSTAIN ?? she has a baby with URETHRA man ? Sounds like he has a big one..

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