Friday, November 30, 2012

Remembering the Loss

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  1. Haleys sounds like she’s jealous. He is obviously saying he is there because his wife wanted to go. Did he dump you Haley? GO home and kiss your Bieber cutout and piss off.

  2. Meh, can’t stomach Nickelback myself, but this is in no way a win for the douchette with PMT.

  3. Think about the circumstances under which this was written:

    7pm: Guy makes update from cell phone to say he’s at a concert.

    10pm: Haley, all alone at home having another night-in with Doritos and Facebook, realizes everybody else is having fun.

    Jealousy is an ugly word.

  4. sack up and fight the power nancy

    more like failey. hahahaha zing

  5. Well said sack. semi cheesy but for whatever reason i actually Lol’d when I read it. 5 points

  6. Nickelback is crap, but there is far worse out there, like the “music” that haley listens to.

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  8. ^ “under twenty three months” you say? How fascinating.

  9. Haley is actually his mother.

  10. your brother’s friend’s uncle… sounds legit. i would believe that kevin soy’s brother’s friend was ‘like truly earning money’ too if i saw a receipt for nine thousand six hundred seventeen dollars.

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