Friday, September 16, 2011


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  1. Haven’t we seen enough of these posts? Do we need to see more?

  2. The guy who says “toodles”? Shoot him in the face. Better yet, call Dick Cheney and have him do it.

  3. Having a pituitary disorder? I’m not clear on how that makes it funnier. Getting scarred for fighting for the oil corporations? I say mock that f**ker.

  4. Chucho beat me to it.

    So James, what’s the reason we mock closet homos like you?

  5. God, shoot shoot shoot… it’s all guns now America rules the World and not just the Wild West!

    I miss the good ol’ days when you could just come in someone’s face and teach them a lesson. The worst injury anyone ever got was a slightly lazy eye.

  6. The guy who says toodles, secretly applies his guyliner in the closet.

  7. That doesn’t stop the first two cunts from being stupid.

  8. I….I….I’m feeling James. Suck it up and find a way to live around it…life isn’t perfect, nobody is either so stop looking for pity!

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It’s a medically proven fact that everyone with scars is a war hero. Every single one.

  10. Yes, James, because there can only be one type of man, and if he shows emotion in public he’s obviously a weakling and deserves ridicule. I agreed with him for the most part up until that point, and now he can just die in a fire.

  11. James is a fucking cunt and I wish I could kick his fucking ass….

    The guyliner guy is probably guy. Why is it ok for the butchiest dyke looking dyke in a school to look and act that way, but not for men? Why? Men are pigs. They’re all for lesbians, but they can’t even accept gay guys. Hell, if your brain is too small to accept, learn to ignore. Don’t start shit for no reason.
    Just for this, I might start college as the butchiest looking bitch I can be. I fucking dare anyone to fuck with me for no reason.

    Maybe I’ll stay fat too. Yeah, laugh at me for being fat, but, once I sit on you and you feel pain, that will shut your mouth up.

    Go Guyliners!

    No, this isn’t a hacker. Fucks left to be given has reached 0.

  12. ^^ Lesbians, especially butches, are not more acceptable than gay men. They’re taken less seriously by jerks like James above who pretend the girls do it for male attention, or a lack of. Same problem. Have you ever heard of corrective rape?

  13. I’m pretty sure James is secretly gay.

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