Monday, October 12, 2009

Retarted Animal Planet


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  1. LOLZ. That guy is so RETARTED!!!

  2. Supid as well. ROFL!!!

  3. i like him.

  4. What a sweetheard.

  5. So much fail. Love it.

  6. As a supid, retarted animal-woman, I’m really getting a kick out of this.

  7. Classic.

  8. Other than that he misspelled “stupid” and then called women “retards” I dont see anything wrong with this… Women are animals, we all are. We are rational animals…

  9. Its the fact that he’s calling women stupid and retarded and they can’t even spell those words.

  10. @Pedro …. Seriously? He neither misspelled stupid nor actually called women “retards” I believe he so eloquently used the word…”retarts”. Your lack of being in on the joke now makes you a fail too.

  11. Take that back. He left out a T in Stupid. Guess Im in this category as well now:)

  12. Thanks Joel, you just fucked it up for the rest of us.

  13. Joel… you’re killin me.

  14. @ pedro: If you want to argue biologically, you’re still wrong. He tried to distinguish women as a separate animal from males. They are not, get with the program…

  15. Maybe it´s a pun or wordplay. Women, in his eyes maybe, equals sluts which, in turn is a synomym for tarts , and women is apparently stupid so … word of the day.. Retarts.
    Clever boy Joel, no grass growing in that little head of yours.

  16. I think we might be giving Joel too much credit. Something tells me he’s not capable of witty repartee the likes of ‘retart’.

  17. maybe some sort of idiot savant?
    A Rainman of wordplay perhaps?

  18. Retart vi. To be slutty again.
    Supidest s. adj. Most likely to be face up on the floor.

  19. Retart is a well known put down… Means Retard (stupid) and Tart (slut)… So he’s just calling her a stupid slut.

  20. Don’t be supid Frank.

  21. If you tell them you’re retarted they’ll believe it!!!! Retarts.

  22. I weep for the future of our race.

  23. He was wittily tying together retard and tarts, this is how I perceive the girls in my high school, retarts.

  24. Well … he may have a point. I’m kinda supid AND sometimes when people say stuff I believe it.

    However, I think there are probably supider animals. Maybe a jellyfish?

  25. Speak for yourself Mags. Fuck Vince and Joel. Common sense: -People- in general can be foolish and/or “retarts”. Don’t put me in your classification!

  26. Men get a bad name
    From misogynist fuckwits
    Who can’t spell for shit.

  27. Men are the scum of the earth … who would buy a plane ticket and not some and get a root for free…. WANKERS

  28. Belinda. Fairly obvious sarcasm. Just pointing it out, because it seems you may have missed it. Cheers.

  29. This is gold.

  30. And this is why I asked God if I could be a girl.

  31. @ A woman,

    Sheesh chick what are you smoking? Just re-read what you typed because I suspect you might be the only one who understands it?

  32. Jules' hairy balls

    @A woman

    How many kids have you got? How many different dads?

  33. I see the Little Rascals figured how to work the Facebook.

  34. yummm retart sounds like a fruity pie.

  35. spelling “retard” incorrectly seems to be an American thing; not that i am inferring stupidity but maybe it’s just an accent thing.

  36. Nope. It’s pronounced the same.

    If people misspell it then it means they’re just losers who never went to college.

  37. MannequinSkywalker

    Retart is where someone gives you a PopTart and then you give it back. I think he just meant “RETART-ERS”.

  38. What an idiot! LOL. and he said ‘they are the stupidest ANIMAL’ .. so, animal is plural now, huh?

  39. Fucking lol

  40. i want a supid animal


  42. HILARIOUS! Nationality, ethnicity, and any other “ity” aside…the initial remark is not nearly as hilarious as the replies! Thank you for the laugh!!

  43. @ Abs:)

    No, no. He was simply cutting his losses and identifying us as one large, amorphous supid creature. Silly…

  44. I guess it takes a retart to know a retart? It doesn’t get any better than this! Fantastic!

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