Monday, January 9, 2012

Revised Resolutions

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  1. Yeah, stop crying. The tears make your vision blurry.

  2. Codename Dutchess

    Those tears make for great lube, though. Which is why I exclusively fuck women who smell like onions.

  3. Really? These are just Sikipedia reposts.. :/

  4. Definitely a different take on the term “onion booty”, Dutchess.

  5. Self depreciating humor is the funniest

  6. pretty sure you mean self-deprecating

  7. nope, he means self-depreciating. harvey’s market value is now appraised at 10% less than its value at the start of the last fiscal year.

  8. Merle, you impress me.

  9. smithyithy, stop looking at similar websites then! It’s bound to happen if that’s all you do online, so stop complaining. This Sikipedia site you speak of may not have been the first to have these posts anyway, so who cares?

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