Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rewarding Love

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  1. For reals??

  2. Their spelling and grammar is too good for this to be real.

  3. Can I point out that Tim’s comment at the end was totally stolen from UHPinions website?
    It is the second paragraph

    So yeah, totally fake.

  4. Oh yeah, and 17-year-olds write like that all the time.

  5. for serious??

  6. Tim is an unfunny copypasting assbag. And hobbes, the Three Wolf Moon reviews have been circulating around the internet for years.

  7. I think people would like to touch the hair because it looks beautiful! I’d love to touch and feel the texture of such beautiful hair. I do not think it has to do with ownership or any of that bull, it is simply very attractive. Women out there, please wear your hair natural.

  8. I wish teenagers were this clever

  9. I would just liked to mention that I had perfect spelling and near-perfect grammar (i.e. couldn’t stand a grammar test against Orson Welles. I probably still can’t) at age 14. Not all teenagers ‘r stupd n bad at wrtin’. When someone under the age of 24 can spell it doesn’t mean it’s fake (although in this case it is).

  10. What does them being teenagers have to do with the grammar? I’m 17, and have wonderful grammar. I often correct other people’s grammar mistakes, and it pisses them off. -_-
    That being said, I agree with the rest of you that this is most likely fake, but not because of their grammar.

  11. Yeah, I reckon they’re messing with their friends.

    And @DeadlyNova – you say you have wonderful grammar, then you end a sentence with a preposition? *sigh*

  12. “To piss off” is an idiomatic phrase, therefore it is not incorrect given the context.

  13. nuff said

  14. Fake

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