Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rice Job!

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  1. Eh,



  2. Another fake. These stupid posts always end with some “OK, I’m gonna do it right now” BS.

    Besides, Samantha forget about the soy sauce.

  3. Funny, I know a girl named Karla who recently dropped her phone in the toilet. She put it in rice and it works fine now.

  4. Samantha, I hear if you go die in a fire it’s good for your complexion.

  5. My maid actually did that and it worked! Sorry trolls… #awkward

  6. Seems legit.

  7. cassit – If it worked then your “maid” didn’t boil the rice first. You’re supposed to put it in DRY rice.

  8. I heard that you could put your wet phone into a dryer, wrap it in a towel first so it won’t bang around. Use the permanent press setting to avoid wrinkles, and don’t forget to use a dryer sheet.

  9. i jumped into a lake while hiking forgetting about my camera. the rice does dry it out. Problem is i didnt learn about the rice till later on when i got home. First thing you do when getting it wet is turn it on. You get a light and then a frying noise. thats your circuit board frying, making the rice later on useless except for drying out device to sell it on ebay for parts (30 bucks yay)

  10. Rice is a very effective drying medium. I am allergic to towels, so after i shower I rub uncooked rice all over my wet, naked body. There are a couple downsides to this method. First, over my lifetime I’ve probably used enough rice to feed a small Vietnamese village for a year. Second, I get a lot of rice stuck in hard to reach places, and I have to either rinse it out or rub it out with a towel.

  11. Mass lol to #10

  12. Cant be real

  13. so rice isn’t a desiccant ? What if you add salt ?

  14. Dozy bastard.

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