Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rico is Right On

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  1. At least she won’t have to worry about the wine spilling on her clothes.

  2. Pour it in your butt before getting in the shower!

  3. Hahah, one of the best stever comments yet

  4. I enjoy licking wine of a girl’s tits, quite a pleasing experience for both!

  5. Off*

    It’d pretty cool if tits did produce wine though.

  6. It’d be*

    Goddamn it, too much wine tonight.

  7. ^^wine producing tits?? fukn a..y not have a alcoholic kid b4 da age of 1….u sure put alot of of thought behind dat huh

  8. kid would probably “wine” 2 much anyway

  9. Sounds like my kinda girl.

  10. alfamunki sounds like their dad tried to pull out at the last minute but got confused and as a result the sperm got lost, joined with a peanut that was stored in one of his mommas fat rolls and created the worlds greatest abomination since scientists grew an ear on the back of a rodent and saw it a positive step forward.

  11. gee long did it take u 2 come up w dat lame ass insult? but im proud of u though..@least u took da time 2 check ur spelling..but im proud dat my dad hit 1 of my moms fat rolls..n didnt give her “crustylovelips”

  12. Ironically all available statistical data points to AA as being equally as affective as not going to AA.

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