Friday, March 12, 2010

Rocked Out

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  1. Ben.


  2. That’s horrible!

  3. ouch…

  4. holy damn

  5. Awkward…

  6. No teeth and a vibrating snatch? Sign me up!

  7. @Soup: thats just sick

  8. AW, SNAP!

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Holy shit.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I was going to “like” this post but I didnt want to ruin the fact that 69 people liked it… apparently others have no such qualms.

  11. thinks Soups is funny…………unless he’s not joking!

  12. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Ahahaha @ Soup.

    If her head is perpetually bobbing she’s always in bj mode too don’t forget.

    Sean is just jealous and says she never rocks out, but I’m willing to bet she’s way more handy them him backstage as a groupie. Who wouldn’t want to tour with an androgenous geriatric?
    But we’ll never know, as what go on on tour stays on blahbla…

  13. lol

  14. I was going to say ‘I defy you guys to turn this post into another crazy sex session’, but it looks like Soup was too quick for me :p

  15. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Hobo, 6 minutes after Sally asked the question Evan made it lascivious when he pulled out the older men line. I assure you that trashy shit happens ALL over the net, not just here…

    We were doomed from the start my anglo-transient friend.

  16. Sorry Sally and Evan, but you are both douches.

  17. Troll!

  18. someone please explain the “ben” first comment to me. I know I asked before but I can’t find it. Someone tell me!

  19. I’m with malteaser on this one

  20. @17 hahaha, LOL TROLL!

  21. BAHAHAHAH “Ben. Gutted.” HAHAHAHA

    gawds, Ben is a prick that loved to be “first” on this site with his stupid “first” comments.

  22. Is it actually possible to rock out to Frank Sinatra?

  23. THANKS LULZ!!! I know who Ben is from this site and I had hoped it had something to do with him because he was a REAL internet asshole!

  24. Didn’t he once post a really annoyed rant at somebody for saying first, despite doing it himself?

  25. RingingInMyHead

    He was ALSO the “med student” who claimed herpes was no biggie.

  26. He had a massive rant at someone for posting “first”, then did it himself on the next comments page, then had a massive rant at, ummmmm, everybody else for picking him up on it. He made me smile.

  27. ah ben. His rants were typically funnier then what lamebook posts.

  28. Frankenstein Girl

    Ohhhh shit…..woops!

    Lmao @ wordpervert

  29. That’s a fucking lot of likes. But, they’re deserved.

  30. How do I post posts from facebook?

  31. LMMFAO!!!!

  32. My grandma has Parkinsons too. I never thought of it before, but now I’m going to take her to Point Fest. She will be the life of the party for sure!

  33. I thought that ben was frodo.. Wasn’t that the name of that guy?

    Meanwhile I haven’t cringed that much in a while, thanks soup

  34. haha awesome, in a sort of fucked up way.

  35. @6 Soup
    Ahahahaa 😀

    PS. Not getting the whole Ben talk…Who’s Ben??

  36. Are we still doing the whole Ben thing people? WIll it ever grow old? Fuck’s sake.

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