Monday, April 18, 2011

Roony’s Loonies

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  1. oh and first and all that stuff, stever or suroor or something like that.

  2. Sooooo… Lamebook.
    Erasing stuff much?

  3. comparethemeerkat

    Last time I checked, this had at least 5 posts. And from what I remember they were all on topic.

    Someone got AIDS on the wrong side of the bed this morning, didn’t they…

  4. I still remember his name! Are you gonna delete me too?

  5. fuck this shit, nigga

  6. Slow day at Lamebook, huh.
    Erasing comments isn’t helping at all.
    At least, it prompts more comments.
    No one will harass that poor threesome now.

  7. Fleisha?

  8. I don’t think this one was done, but Lamebook takes what it’s given.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Since I know you guys are reading this post, allow me to say SEAN the dude’s name is SEAN Rooney.

    Now that I have LB’s attention, can you guys fix the fucking dashboard, this site is a pain without the recent comments section and I have been MIA from for just that reason I don’t really care about your posts, all I care about is the comments section. In fact I just found out that I am married and I missed my opportunity to ask permission to join a gaming-sex threesome.

  10. Lamebook, you misspelled his name in the title. How could you do that? It’s spelled out directly below. #failing

  11. lol @ Dukey
    (Yeah, this’ll look stupid when your comment has been erased)

    And the permission begging being just a formality (all this controlling is really just to attenuate my insecurity), you know I wouldn’t have said no.

    But don’t worry, love, I had a terrible itch down there that prevented much action anyway. It’s not too late. I’m sure we can reschedule.
    Or make it Threesome Thursdays or something

  12. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Word Hellababe. WORD.

  13. wandr! You made me smile 😀 out loud.

  14. MsBuzzkillington

    The thing that bugs me the most about this… is Rooney said “we need to talk.” This usually means something along the lines of, we are going to break up.

    Not sure why fiesha decided that she had to put her two cents in.

  15. Looks like I missed the party?

  16. ifitwerentformyhorse

    LB is really, really bad at hiding people’s identities.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fucking Adm|ns would rather let me violate Sean’s privacy than to acknowledge that they need to fix the Dashboard.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    wandr the only problem I have with “Threesome Thursdays” is that we need more people in attendance. How about if we have a Threesome Thursday, but we have many different Threesomes and Devil’s threesomes going on at the same time? We can even repeat this again on Menage Mondays.

  19. Nothing like reading a drawn-out online argument between three people who collectively can’t spell the word “you.”

  20. Okay, well I guess Fleisha can spell “you,” but not “two” or “you’re.”

  21. I am kind of fucking confused anyways

  22. Felicia? :/
    Surpised that kid’s not called Ahbii-gayul


    There’s Fleisha and Abbigail!

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