Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rubbery Reactions

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  1. Just cause you got her in bed it don’t mean she WILL have sexy time with you, hence more flowers 😛

    Your comment represents how rapists think after they tied them up…. You naughty boy for thinking that. :S

  2. Lamebook – thorns eh? hmmmm

  3. Spunk Sacks are for loosers, Leave your victims looking like they’ve been artexed by a blind man that’s what I say.

    Thorns in the bed?…..Careful you might get a little prick!

  4. only a little?

  5. It may be little but beware it may be several at once.

  6. haha, fuck the flowers…

  7. LOL never read that last one before hahaha,


    P.S. Even though I wrote that last statement in ALL CAPS I was not agree simply Excited…..thank you for your time.

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