Friday, July 8, 2011

Ruined Reunion

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  1. 🙂

  2. I think Ernie should consider his chances with Sarah.

  3. That was boring.

  4. Can you imagine the letter Ernie’s gf writes to the electric company after she reads a bill sent to him?

    “This is Ernie’s gf n what did he pay you to do to him? You better tell me everything you whore or I’ll find you and kill you.”

  5. A 20 year reunion means they must be like 38 years old. Ernie’s gf sounds like she’s 14.

  6. lol @ Walter

  7. So this was sent to 120 people, AND it’s mentioned 3 times before Ernie’s girlfriend’s comment that it’s a class reunion. How did she miss this?

    And in the spirit of Walter: when the pizza man comes to the door she probably thinks the bread sticks on the side are a sex toy.

  8. Run, Ernest, Run!

  9. OMG U Fukers u been cheatin onme wat u dun last 5 posts tel me

  10. Wow..just wow..

  11. Just another nut job.

  12. Ernie’s girlfriend is a real high class winner. Good on him for having such great taste in ladies.

  13. What kind of gay name is Ernest?

  14. He went to camp.

  15. My daughter just graduated from Hampden Academy… Just sayin. I hope she never sends out a text for her 20th class reunion.

  16. Oh BTW Ernie, hide your bunny, just incase.

  17. I feel Ernie’s pain. Dating 9 year olds does have its downsides. But not many.

    Keona, your homophobic belittling of a person’s name (over which they have no control) is not conducive to your new kinder, gentler persona.

  18. Strange name**

  19. Holy crap that’s psycho! 20 year reunion and his girlfriend acts like she’s 15 or something.

    LOL what probably happened is Ernest gets his FB stuff sent to his phone and his girlfriend is too damn stupid to figure out the messages are from Facebook.

    Run, Ernie, don’t walk.

  20. You lot have too much haste for my liking, think it through, psycho bitch sex?! Now that’s something we all have to try once!
    A moment on the dick, a lifetime on the….. Someone finish that off for me please, there is a funny in there somewhere. Let’s play a game of build your own punchline; here are the letters, enjoy!
    Ffyjnbshnbhurqetuplh bxzsseyiijbvvbbbsrgjuuuiiihoosstrrdggfdaaa

  21. To tokaz…. a moment on the dick, a lifetime on the hip… the baby you made that is…

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