Thursday, February 20, 2014


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  1. Oh Steeever, so naive..

  2. I can’t help it! Moved man found me and has been sending me love letters/dick pics

  3. *mobydkman

  4. The Beast Among Us

    She said the same thing after Lumberg fucked her, too.

  5. Is this one of Tiger Wood’s tramps? Those trash bags all think he loves them and only them.

  6. I’d guess that her paramour doesn’t even know they’re “dating.”

    He was probably at a bar at 1:55 pm, drinking the final third of a last-call Heineken and staring at the muted SportsCenter rerun playing on an old Trinitron at the corner of the room when he noticed this girl sitting by herself playing with the stir-stick in an empty highball glass.

    Fast forward eight hours, and this guy is grabbing his keys and wallet as he rushes out of her apartment, promising that he’ll call her “once he gets through some stuff at work.”

  7. I was drinking at 2pm. How did I miss all the fun?

  8. ^you’re ugly.

  9. If you keep making fun of 13 year olds facebook updates, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

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  11. Steevers Gay Lover

    It’s your own fault if you get letters from men when you give them Steever loving! Whore….

  12. BorderlineDane

    Boyfriends status changed to single…..

  13. said every 15 year old I’ve ever known

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