Monday, March 25, 2013

Samantha Graham Bell

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  1. Come on, sciencetists! Get scienceing on this immediately!

  2. sciencetists.

    Need to say more ?

  3. I think she means like PTT (push to talk) like a walkie talkie. Where you could just force a message on to someone like you can with text messages, only you don’t type it you just talk it but I get it, she has the technology in her hands and just doesn’t know how to harness it but I am babbling now… Look what is that over there.

  4. So…she wants HeyTell?

  5. I think she wants voice mail. Like telephone in that it’s voice; like texting in that the recipient can listen to it at any time later.

    And without having to listen to their useless “outgoing message” before you can leave your own message.

  6. I don’t care what she wants. She NEEDS to shut up.

  7. Yeah Samantha! Shut up you fucking whore and swallow my cock and balls in your throat.

  8. Don’t current smart phones have a function where you can speak your message out loud and it will send it as a text message to your friend who then has a phone which will read their texts out loud to them?

    Of course, you probably have to be able to pronounce words correctly. Samantha probably calls the Pacific ocean the “Specific” ocean.

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