Friday, January 8, 2010

Santa Baby


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  1. Hmmm, so it’s the best Christmas present ever, but the giver wasn’t bothered to wrap it like the others? Or at least put it in a box with holes? Come on.

  2. @Europe_rocks…’s “my grammar” not “i’m own grammar”

  3. or “my own grammar”

  4. but at least you aren’t TommySkate who is continuing to fail with every post he makes….

  5. @AlanLaing
    Apparently someone didn’t get the joke …

  6. LMFAO! All of you guys “fail”.
    … and seriously fail is being overused here…

    NO ONE NOTICED how TommySkate spelled ALPHABET wrong.
    Not even TerhiMaria, although she did go out of her way to make sure next time he spells know correctly.


    January 8th, 2010 at 8:46 am

    January 8th, 2010 at 8:50 am
    *know. Way to go TommySkate.

  7. I think we should all stop worrying about grammar…


  9. tommyskate, you’re a cunt, nuff said

  10. I agree with dinosgorawr… People worry way too much about others spelling and grammatical mistakes… People really arent trying to get everything correct on this stuff… Its status updates and forum responses, not a fucking resume or report for work

    Its only funny if someone is trying and fails… BuT It iS ALwaYs L@mE wh3N PeoPLE tYPe LiKe thI5

    Oh and the wrong there/their/they’re always makes me giggle

  11. Hey I’m not saying I have perfect grammar and that it doesn’t bug me when people don’t have the best of grammar. But I don’t point it out. Does it really make you feel better to correct other’s mistakes?

  12. For those who didn’t see the next posting on lamebook, Tommyskate just failed again… heh

  13. @Tommyskate there is no need to address you directly as you would end up spending hours staring stupidly at your keyboard trying to come up with a coherent response.

    This statement is the culmination of the collective opinion of the entire internet world, Tommyskate is a dumbass.

    Die kiwi, you flightless bitch.

  14. @Dinosgorawr -You possibly have the best login name ever.

  15. @MNic why thank you 😀

  16. @Adamn -I don’t know what your personal vendetta is against Kiwi, but I could not stop laughing at that comment!

  17. When was it cool to spell “because” as ‘cos’ and “just” as ‘jus’ and “know” as ‘no’? i must have missed that memo.

    Last I remembered, ‘no’ meant to negate something, or the opposite of ‘yes’.

    Holy crap, people need to learn grammar and use it correctly!

  18. Is it cool now to spell “because” as ‘cos’ and “just” as ‘jus’ and “know” as ‘no’? i must have missed that memo.

    Last I remembered, ‘no’ meant to negate something, or the opposite of ‘yes’.

    Holy crap, people need to learn grammar and use it correctly!

  19. oops. i didn’t mean to post that twice! :/

  20. That kid looks like Edward G. Robinson.

  21. Dumbest comments page, ever.

  22. PrincessChristine

    Tommyskate is a little bit on the offensive side.. get a life buddy and stop taking this shit soo seriously. There is way more to life!

  23. wtf this isnt funny

  24. @26 – ALL babies look like Winston Churchill don’t they?

  25. I’m not really bothered about them placing the baby near the edge of a table. I’m more interested in knowing just exactly how they knew this was “The best christmans present ever” when it looks like they haven’t opened the other presents yet. Could very well be something better in one of those. You never know.

  26. Look in the diaper FIRST. The real gold is in there.

  27. Christ on a cracker

    So not cool, dude

  28. and on the 6th day of christmas my true love said to me “HOLY SHIT THE BABY JUST ROLLED OFF THE TABLE”

  29. i made an account just so i could reply.

    ALL OF YOU ARE RETARDED!!!!!!! and in various ways too. idiots.

  30. That baby needs to cut back on his tanning bed time.

  31. rosinbackrider is frodo

  32. @athena: your mom is a frodo

  33. FIRST!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!
    oh, wait. nope.

  34. @26 There’s nothing wrong with that little tree, honestly now. People get what they can afford.

    However, I might take slight offense to the child endangerment, there. If I’m not mistaken, the top of that baby’s head isn’t on the edge of the table… it’s over the edge of the table. Yikes.

  35. wow thats really scary!

  36. TommySkate fail

  37. ZombieKid – would you be so kind as to send any extraneous turtles to snap at TommySkate’s heels until he either goes away or contributes meaningfully to the topic at hand? Thank you.

    Imamofo – it’s a strange fact that most babies look like a disgruntled Winston Churchill. Unfortunately, this is rarely remedied by dropping them face-first from a table precariously stacked with gifts. Although I can’t blame the parents for trying.

  38. is that a baby? on a box? on a table? wtf

  39. im so embaressed for TommySkate

  40. *Embarrassed

    how embarrassing…

  41. Wow. That baby looks remarkably like that stuffed dog next to it.

  42. 88th!


  43. @ Tootsie: you mom got to 88th.. 88th ho session of the day

  44. Come on, you guys. How do you know the other parent (or someone else) isn’t just outside the frame waiting to catch the baby just in case? Besides, newborns don’t really move around very much. They just wanted a cute baby pic, and they got it.

  45. New borns look like they come from middle earth. Why do parents have to inflict us with so much pain? I don’t show everyone photos of what I’ve just pushed out. I don’t care about your new pog baby- I just don’t care.

  46. @ Max – Your too busy caring about Lord of the Rings, right?

  47. I hope it came with a gift receipt, because its starting to smell and I sure don’t want to feed it.

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