Thursday, July 19, 2012


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  1. Insert “Nickleback is terrible’ joke here. (Because they are)

  2. carlosspicyweiner


  3. Insert “This is fake” here.

  4. I can think of something you could insert somewhere else. And twirl.

  5. You are fake, bathsaltfake.

  6. carlosspicyweiner

    T100, I think bathsalt was making an offer.

  7. I wonder, though, how many of those guys at the concert were actually there to take their girlfriends to see Nickelback. I know I’ve taken my wife to concerts that I didn’t want to go see many times.

  8. I notice every time I actually decide to look at one of these and check the comments
    T1000 is there claiming it is fake. Whether it is or isn’t it doesn’t take the laughter from it and if everything here is fake then why do u waste ur time to denounce is vailidity?

  9. ^ Because he’s an idiot.

  10. Goddamnit Tigg just accept that it’s fake.

  11. I wonder if the hairstylist is a lesbian.

  12. Tigg, you must be new here. You are fake.

  13. @7 As a guy I want to blame guys being there on a woman, and it helps me sleep at night.

  14. @6 Yar, I was. There is a parking meter down town that some vandal smashed the head off and now it’s a jagged rusty pole. I would offer to show T1000 where it is. Hell I’d show you both, Carloss Picky Weiner.

  15. ^Incorrect.

  16. 3 fourths?

  17. @16
    That would be 75%. Also acceptably called “Three-fourths”.

  18. They way the tard wrote it though was wrong. You say “three-fourths” or “three-quarters” out loud (or in your head), but you write it as “3/4,” not “3/4ths.” The “ths” suffix is implied.

    So that proves I’m a Grammar Nazi. Please just shove that jagged, rusty parking meter pole down my throat now.

  19. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    0.75 makes more sense. 75% is also okay.

  20. I can’t believe my link got jacked. WTF

  21. Unlucky.

  22. How can 0.75 possibly make more sense. If anything, 0.75 is a conversion factor to calculate your percentage. 101 x 0.15 = your actual IQ.

  23. carlosspicyweiner

    @14, yes show me this parking meter, I desire to know its location

  24. ^it’s on your elbow, einstein.

  25. What, his wenis?

  26. The parking meters on the end of his penis?

  27. so NONE of you can tell an ass from an elbow?

    colour me not surprised.

  28. MsAnne, you do realize that your “wenis” is the loose skin on your elbow, don’t you?

  29. it’s not. but you’re still an asshole.

  30. Yes it is. I know that I am. So are you. That’s old news, though.

  31. so why even go there, then?
    I swear it’s like we’re just going thru’ the motions these days, you know?

  32. I didn’t know what a wenis… to be honest I couldn’t give a shit. Why the fuck would I need to know that?

  33. I know, right? we’ll get to the tricky stuff in good time.
    Right now, most of the plebs are still working on distinguishing their ass from a hole in the ground.
    the elbow identification procedure was a dismal failure, too.

  34. Sigh… the elbow skin is ‘wenus’, not ‘wenis’.

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