Friday, August 19, 2011

School Days

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  1. Jen girl probably did it on purpose, but Kudos to the young kids getting bonners in gym class!

  2. Great way to possibly kiss your teaching profession goodbye and go on the sex offenders register, nice one Jen!

  3. Whas a bonner?

    Must be some American thing…

  4. /groups/261512840540962/

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Our trainer in hs was kinda butch but still had some nice hands.

  6. Why did he spell “thigh” correctly the first time, and not the second time?

    Spammers need to take a long walk off a short pier.

  7. dragonfly, I don’t thin kshe was encouraging it or anything, I think she was politely pointing out that dude was busted. That aisde, if my trainer looked like that, I might have had a few more “injuries” during my sports seasons.

  8. I wish I had gone to that school

  9. blured i can tell jen is hot. my high school you had mr bennet. he gave scholloiss (sp?) tests with his mustache and would go “very nice” as you bent over in your 1992 tighty white-eys. got his home number once, his answering machine was updated daily with “hello you reached mr bennent, how bout them mets, they beat the phillies last night with a great pitching performane from david cone, Cardinals looking hot” and so on. whats smoke show mean?

  10. So Sirbutlust… let me get this right… there was a creepy old pedo male teacher at your school; and you would phone him at home??? thats a little wierd; but then again thats probably why your name is sir butt lust……..

  11. lol wow.

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