Friday, November 12, 2010

Senior Citizen Statuses

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  1. I used to vacuum my grandma’s ashes. She burnt so much wood in the oven that much of it fell in the floor.

  2. Its the fucking Beatles

    How the fuck did she manage to do that? Unless they’d spilt “grandma” over the carpet. Surely her ashes were in an urn?

  3. Maybe she looked in the urn and thought: nasty, dusty ass urn needs vacuuming.

  4. Perhaps it is, what’s that word that people use? Ah yes; FAKE?

  5. Jesus hates wordsalads…
    Jesus hates fakes…
    Jesus hates the beatles…
    Jesus hates grandma….
    Jesus LOVES me!!!!

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    Fake breasts look nice.

  7. Pablo is beyond lame.

    #3, dusty ass urn? Funny.

  8. For her grandmother’s 5 year deathiversary, Jessi will get her hood pierced!

  9. Usually the TSA pats down grandma’s boobs and knees at the same time–because they’re in the same place. Way to go, grandma!

  10. That TSA lady looks like LaToya Jackson.

  11. I almost got a job working for TSA. But at the training they explained that I would NOT be able to pat down ANY females, not even mature ones. So I just kept my job as a security guard at a multi-story parking lot across from a community center.

  12. At least you found out during the training Walter.

  13. No. 1 has got to be an effort to get on Lamebook, i refuse to believe anyone could have those two thoughts in the same sentence from sheer stupidity.

  14. i think that all depends on granmda, john. some grannies is crazy. and i definitely know a few people who would want piercings to be done in their memory.

  15. I think the “missing” is an illusion.

  16. “Loose” instead of “lose.” It’s gaining on “your/you’re” and “there/they’re/their.”

    Lot of religious symbolism in that photo.

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