Thursday, November 17, 2011


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  1. First, chlorofluorocarbon.

  2. I registered just so I can yell at you for being a fucking retard
    Hookahs are nowhere NEAR as dangerous for you as cigarettes or even cigars. The owner of the Hookah cafe probably was encouraging tobacco users to stop using cigarettes and start using hookah

    Fuck the admin is the biggest moron on the internet

  3. In all honesty, a hookah is definitely one of the healthier ways to smoke. Most of the carcinogens in cigarettes that people associate with tobacco are really in all the shit the tobacco companies add.

  4. Yeah. I hate smoking as much as anyone (gives me migraines if I’m around it long enough) but tobacco itself isn’t really bad for you, as I understand it. And I enjoy the smell of drying tobacco and of hookah smoke.

  5. I wouldn’t say tobacco smoke alone is exactly healthy, but it definitely isn’t that bad for you, it is the crap added by American tobacco companies (foreign cigarettes are not nearly so unhealthy).

  6. So are you people suggesting that it is only American cigarettes that are bad for you? That’s simply not true! They are bad for you everywhere. They add the same chemicals pretty much everywhere. Besides which, inhaling smoke is bad for you, even if it has no “chemicals” added, the chemicals generated by burning things are quite carcinogenic in and of themselves.

  7. I have to agree with SLG. A lot of the nastiness of cigarettes comes from heavy metals that are found in tobacco leaves, because they are fertilized with phosphates, which included trace amounts of uranium and other heavy metals. This includes polonium-210, which is the most toxic substance known to man, many millions of times more toxic than cyanide, and probably the main cause of cancer in cigarette smokers.

  8. ugh. it’s really unfortunate that all the spammers have finally reached this app. goodbye old lamebook 🙁 hello everything I push leads me to a porn site. -.-

  9. No, I wasn’t saying that. However, I was saying that plain tobacco that has been organically grown isn’t nearly AS bad for you as tobacco that’s been fertilized with the stuff spaz mentioned and had a bunch of additives added. Also, I recall that my wife’s college roommate, who grew up in Italy, said something along the lines that European cigarettes do not have as many added carcinogens. Perhaps I am misremembering.
    Lungs are obviously harmed by inhaling smoke in general.

  10. I was taught that cigarettes do not cause cancer but are a promoter of cancer which is different. Interesting points above, as a side note you could ask what does a filter filter? It would it filter out Ur, Po trace metals surely? But just burning stuff in itself you get benzopyrenes etc. which are carcinogenic.

    On a side note, Im having a free chainsaw juggling event to juggle away amputeeism… you guys wanna come and learn how to juggle?

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  12. I think “Hookah for cancer” is like when they have “Repost this to save this girls life!” my repost isn’t going to save a damn person and the people I’m friends with wont save her either.

  13. I choose to believe it was simply a misspelling of ‘hooker’.
    I’m good with that.

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