Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seriously Forever Alone

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  1. I kind of think whoever put that much time and effort into debunking his posts is more pathetic, though it’s close.

  2. Manti Te’o Part 2.

  3. wow that’s just sad, he probably has really severe issues to do something like that I feel bad for him and the girl he used lol

  4. That is sad. But what’s also sad is the person who took the time to find the 2 original photos.

  5. this should not have been posted. at least not without his face blurred.

  6. I’d love to know which of this guy’s supposed ‘friends’ cares enough about making him look like a fool that they trawled through this stuff.

    I’m sad for the guy that he feels the need to lie about having a lady friend just because he hopes dickhead ‘friends’ like this one accept him.

  7. grosjean, it’s not healthy to make up a girlfriend to this extent no matter how much of a “dickhead” the friend is.

  8. The whole thing is a blatant setup.

  9. I never said it was.

  10. Boobs.


  11. If you’re fat, rapidly ageing and not particularly good looking, at least create a realistic fake girlfriend. The one from the pics he chose for ‘Kaitlyn’ appears young and pretty.

    This guy should hook up with the picture collage lady from a few posts back.

  12. This is horrible. Whoever submitted this is an arsehole and a bully. And the Lamebook wankers are dicks for not blurring his face and putting that pic at the bottom.

    I hope he gets a happy ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ ending.

  13. So the guy who used the picture of a girl, likely without her knowledge, assent or approval, is a poor victim who deserves a happy ending. And those who out this asshole who’s sullying the girl’s reputation are dicks. Wow frankenstein, I’m beginning to think you have a story similar to the guy in the picture, if you are not actually him.

  14. It’s very likely this guy has emotional, if not mental, problems.

    If you’re going to call someone out for doing something like this fine, just don’t be a dick about it.

    And I am not the OP, I don’t own a leather jacket, I wouldn’t be seen dead with facial hair and Kaitlyn’s not really my type. And in any case, I couldn’t be arsed keeping up a charade like that.

  15. Frankenstein, I’ve always thought you’re alright so don’t take this personally, but, happy ending? What the fuck?!? You make a valid point that he has issues and it would be fair for Lamebook to blur his face, but Id say he doesn’t deserve to be within 50 feet of a relationship given that he’s unhinged enough to try and pass off an unsuspecting random [probably from Google Images] as his girlfriend.

    Actually, isn’t that illegal? The girl would certainly be freaked the hell out if she knew about it, its fucking creepy and worthy of a restraining order. If she sees this she’s going to flip the fuck out and call the cops. I don’t see how such actions are worthy of a happy ending a girlfriend dude.

  16. Fair enough point, danr but I doubt it’s illegal. And it’s certainly not as offensive as that Sabrina competition lamebook ran last year.

  17. @13 I am not saying that what this guy did was normal or cool, but the “friends” who posted this brought a heck of a lot more attention to that girls picture than he did. Until they put together this montage the viewership was limited to the other guys friends list, not the entire Internet. So really they were dickish to him and inadvertently dickish to her.

  18. It’s honestly not that hard to track down a picture. Image search the URL of the Facebook pic on google and it will bring up anything visually similar. So whoever busted him probably didn’t spend “hours” tracking down the photos. That being said, this guy obviously has some sort of issue, and also needs to learn to shoop better.

  19. whoever dared reveal that some guy was lying about his girlfriend and revealed the extent of his lies is a bully and a jerk! How dare you reveal the truth in something, and not publicly, not on his facebook, not revealing his name, THIS IS BULLYING!!!

    except that it isn’t at all. I think whenever someone makes bullshit up or commits a crime, etc. revealing the truth of their lies or actions is not a bad thing. If you don’t want people knowing your lies or your pathetic crimes, don’t fucking do them

  20. Ah, sweet fauxmance. At least , unlike Te’o, it’s not comance.

  21. what’s on the wall in the first picture? Why wouldn’t you clean that?

  22. The way he was wording things was really creeping me out! :-/

  23. I agree with Frankenstein. I hope this guy gets his happy ending. The posts aren’t that bad. Sure it’s a little weird and sad that he made up a fake girlfriend, but if it happened to me I wouldn’t be that freaked out about it. I think his face should have been blurred and whoever outted him is a bully! This might actually be a brilliant ploy to attract another woman.

  24. First clue in the last set should’ve been the “Ottawa Citizen” advert/logo in the background. You will never see that at MSG. Ever.

  25. It wouldn’t take a genius to see that the Hockey image was fake, it doesn’t even look right without even thinking about scrutiny – mainly due to both the foreground and background being in focus.

    Then, perhaps, his ‘friends'(and I’m sure he has plenty on his FB account that aren’t really) went back through his timeline, pushed the images to google images which showed up similar results and highlighted that he had taken images from other sites and claimed them as his own.

    This guy is wrong, scary and should be checked on before his next move to ‘prove’ he has a GF is to abduct someone, skin them and wear their face as a mask.

  26. Holy Shit, Chicken Man from Toy Story 3, is that you??

  27. Even more pathetic than the dude and his “friends” who posted this are the people arguing about it. If he wants a happy ending, he should just stroll down to the local massage parlor.

  28. Five dollars! That’s a lot of money! What do I get for five dollars?

  29. Guys – the day he posted the picture of them at the game on January 20th. The newspaper article title reads something about the stanley cup. The stanley cup is in may. Clearly it’s a fake but put a little bit more effort into dates

  30. Yeah, but he didn’t post the article, he just ripped the picture from it and pasted himself in. The article was just added as evidence supporting that fact, like all the other extra pictures. Nevermind the date, the original picture he’s claiming to be in is in a different city than the one he’s in. If were looking at the same set of images none of this is that big of a secret.

  31. and I’ll also bet that bacon is from way before January 20th too. doesn’t mean it’s a fake, it means it was the best picture he could find. I really wish lamebook wouldn’t contribute to the bullying of desperate and on the fringe people by posting stuff like this and pee pants.

  32. What’d he do with the Rangers jersey?

  33. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Jesus. If I was the girl he was trying to pass as his girlfriend, I’d be freaked the fuck out right about now.

  34. Lame fat bastard

  35. Rangers WERE at the garden on the 20th. Kind of calls into question the validity of this whole post.

  36. This had to be the most random post ever.

  37. this is the saddest thing I have seen all year…

  38. Fuck that shit. Always out the liar. It’s for their own pathetic good.

  39. Fake. No way someone “found” both pictures.

  40. @#35: Yeah, they were at the Garden the night he posted that he went to the game. But why in the holy hell would he have to post a picture of him and his “girlfriend” photoshopped over an old picture of the Rangers fans in Ottawa if he was really at the game with her? Why didn’t he just take a picture of them together at the actual Rangers/Pens game on the 20th?

  41. Aww, that is so sad 🙁

  42. Hey morons, it takes three fucking seconds to do a reverse image search on the web to find an images origin. He didnt spend tons of time debunking it, he is just smarter than you dumbasses. REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH.

  43. LOL. This guy would go for miles just to have someone to love. Girls should learn to dig guys like him.

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