Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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  1. Erik, you’re about 17 years late on that one. And Matt, ‘pervert’ might be a bit of a stretch, but loser definitely isn’t.

  2. comparethemeerkat

    Steeeeeeeve- oh.

  3. 1angrychick2cups

    Wow, Kristine sounds like a lousy g/. Remember ladies; if you don’t give your man a beejay someone else will! =)

  4. The fistmaster is an old joke. Lame

  5. Telling someone they must blow you on a certain date is funny in theory, totally gross in practice. Maybe she only puts a dick in her mouth when she actually wants to…

  6. @1angrychick2cups Maybe she just doesn’t like cooking? And anyway, what man turns down cooking steak? My BF would skip the BJ if he got to grill outside.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The 5000 series? Fucking amateur. The Fistmaster 7000 is where it’s at these days, it even has realistic prostate wrangling action on the Spiral Spinning Sodomizer attachment.

  8. March 14th? I thought that was Pi day. *shrugs* Math and BJ’s go together like canned cheese and Coca Cola.

  9. Stop being a little bitch Kristine. That sounds fun haha. Also, then the day after can be ‘Ice Cream and a Seriously Good Fuck Day’ for us women! 😀

  10. @kristine
    i saw this post and made it an event on Facebook as i think its the funnest thing i have read in a long time! my bf is going to love march 14th hehe so thanks from him and me

  11. I thought March 14th was International Waggle a Finger in a Handicapped Virgin’s Foistbox Day?!… Fucking Stephanie Hawking must have thought I was a right knobhead.

  12. Kelly = Legend

  13. Kelly=Gross


    and imitation poo dribble? ew.

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