Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best of Shark Week!


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  1. Shart week sucks.

  2. Wait, let me rephrase…

    Shart week blows!

  3. It stinks too.

  4. Fun fact! The movie “Jaws” was based on a book written by Peter Benchley, which was inspired by a series of shark attacks along the jersey shore in the early 1900’s. But perhaps a 100 year reunion is in order?

  5. Going up and down the coast, fucking shit up and eating bitches like Snook? Jaws must have been the ultimate douchebag.

  6. Also, just found out that Shart Week is a real thing.

  7. fail



  8. These all made me laugh – at least a little bit anyway. I liked Andrew’s comparison.

  9. Number 5 is actually a thing, Jersey Shore Shark Attack. It’s a movie, though.

  10. Shark week is fake.

  11. i would like to see everyone who posts here in a cage to fight to the death.

  12. Dani would attract a lot of sharks in the ocean this week with all that period blood. I know this because I fucked her.

  13. I like sharks. I ;like it when they tear people up. especially surfers. fuck those guys.

  14. So, people rate our comments too now? Well hot damn.

  15. Last shark week I had a whale of a time.

    Go fuck yourself.

  16. Yep, Hawkbit, now you can really get a good picture of how other lamebookers view you. It’s really quite eye-opening, and makes for a great check on yourself… you know, to see if you’re doing the right thing, and saying the right words.

    I really don’t believe any of that, but didn’t wanna put the old (10) in there.

  17. it will change my, frankly quite fucking terrible, behaviour by using the herd mentality to keep me in line.
    I’ll never say anything too horrible now, because I’ll get a really low rating ( 🙁 ) – which means that people don’t like me (gasp!). and that will most surely make me do the biggest fucking cry. EVER. omg.

    I’m going to play so nice now. Because having strong opinions is bad.



  18. Sharks are cute.

    And they taste good.

  19. ^you should only chop off the fin and then release the rest of the fish. so they can grow a new fin, next season.

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