Monday, June 22, 2009

She Totally Hates Drama

She Totally Hates Drama

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  1. Okay so apparently if a relationship with this girl lasts more than a week, it’s “the one”. And did they get together and break up in the span of a few hours?

  2. God, I just want to throttle this girl.

  3. Took the words right outta my mouth, Andrew.

  4. another Matthew

    I bet this relationship will go far.

  5. She needs some dick in her.

  6. lollercoaster of love

  7. foremangriller1

    text book relationship btw a fat nasty skank and a guy who is on the geek squad at best buy

  8. My condolences to her friends, their home pages will be filled with this shit.

  9. back in da ussa

    The lamest shit I’ve ever seen.

  10. What the hell?

  11. This is actually sad, to be this obnoxious on Facebook.

  12. This girl IS drama.

  13. I feel bad for this guy

  14. Oh she just sounds like the WORST person. I feel sorry for whoever the guy is. Best bit “we last more than a week- does this mean he might be the one?”

  15. BAHAHA, best part is it all happened within the span of about 3 hours.

  16. You guys, have a heart! It’s been one whole week, this is TRUE LOVE. You can’t shit all over that kind of passion and commitment!

  17. She didn’t get any comments on those posts. I bet her friends have learned to ignore her bs.

  18. no one wants to open their face book page and see a 50page longe drama between their friend and their so called “one”

  19. its really interesting though. when silly bitches are young they all tend to have this thought process when they are dating assholes. HOWEVER, facebook allows too much of that crazy shit out. people will never learn to delay instant gratification with this shit. minifeeds are a scary thing.

  20. this is an accurate representation of 80% of the girls i knew in high school

  21. this is like 24 … every hour filled with excitement and drama but wait, she totally hates it.
    @jay: damn that actually made sense … deep shyt !

  22. Kstreet (commenter #17): I’ll bet pretty much everyone on her flist learn very quickly to hide all her status updates; this was probably submitted by either someone who recently added her crazy ass to their flist and wanted to show what kind of madness visited him/her or someone who enjoys the drama and keeps the status updates going.

  23. “i think imma go put myself in a single status once he finally wants to see im not into drama”

    Most people that aren’t into drama speak directly to someone, I find. Lol.

  24. Bitch, you’re an embarrassment to women everywhere. Why don’t take 9mm, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Then the drama will be out of your life for GOOD. I hope he screws you over again and again, you deserve it!!

  25. George Burns's Cigar

    Emily – please swallow a bottle of acid.

  26. “we last more then a week does that mean this might be the one” – Well duh, what do you want, a neon sign to point it out to you? OF COURSE HE’S THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  27. @19Jay – Sorry to be ‘that person’ (well, not really…) but:

    “…people will never learn to delay instant gratification…”

    Once gratification is delayed, it’s no longer ‘instant gratification’, it becomes simply ‘gratification’, or perhaps even ‘delayed gratification’.

    However I agree with what you were getting at. 🙂

  28. She doesn’t need this bs in her life?! Hah! Now that is bullshit. She totally loves bullshit. As far as I can tell, she eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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