Thursday, February 23, 2012

She’s Crazy. Period.

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  1. haha! serves him right.

  2. You stay classy

  3. The beauty of relationships.

  4. Mentally disturbed…

  5. Codename Dutchess

    Oh sweet Jesus…that looks like a crime scene or the specified location for a human sacrifice.

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Ahhh romance…

  7. Wouldn’t stop me, I’m always down for a Neapolitan.

  8. Sex when the girl is on her period is like sex with a girl not on her period – awesome.

  9. Let’s just hope that photo isn’t saved on her phone anywhere. Could be awkward down the line.

  10. The least she could do is plug it the fuck up. Jaysus!

  11. I’m not buying it. You people can believe what you wish – but not this little black duck.
    Real people just don’t talk like that.

  12. Oh, but they do. I thought that was one of the reasons you’re so angry all the time?

  13. I’m starting to think that I have a different definition of ‘angry’ to everyone else.
    Mine is the correct one.

  14. I’d like to hear what that is.

  15. fuck off jeffles

  16. Serves him right is right

  17. Eh, I freely admit to being a person-specific troll. I have no beef with you, Hawkbit.

  18. I like how you freely admit to being a self-obsessed attention whore as well.
    Hawk was referring to the original post. You fucking retarded, boring, shitstained cunt.

  19. ..but i did enjoy watching you attempt to suck his cock.

  20. I’m only seeking attention from you, darling. And it’s only because you keep coming back with such utter disproportionate vitriol and attempted cleverness. But you’re boring me now, so I’ll just make my excuses to the other guests and leave.

    Rest of site: Sorry if I got on your nerves.

  21. I love this bit the best.
    “oh, I’m ‘bored’ now and I’m going to fuck off and die alone under a hedge.”
    (translation: wahh! you kicked my ass and I didn’t even have one decent comeback)


  23. don’t spam it twice, though. it’s not that good.

  24. Msanne what part of their dialogue did u find unbelievable?

  25. the blood in the panties looks like an inkblot test. i see an angry penis.

  26. the whole fucking thing, maybebabycakes, the whole fucking thing.
    thatrisable suggestion that ‘people’ like that have purloined some technical electronic equipment that they can function without possessing opposable thumbs.

    it never happened.

  27. *that risible

  28. Oh I c….

  29. if she sends him that pic at least once a week, he’ll stop buggin her.

  30. Woah Woah Woah, just beacuse the painters and decorators are in it doesn’t mean you can’t lay the carpet.

    ‘Ooooo no! I don’t want blood on my womb poker!’… The fucking precious little twinkletoes should count himself lucky, for some of us having a claret cock bath is the only way we can get it up.

  31. It’s really hilarious that some guys use the period as an excuse NOT to do “it”, but are totally enthralled with anal!!…lmao

  32. That’s not period blood, it’s anal sex gone wrong…or terribly right, depending on what they were going for…lol…

  33. That’s what he gets. I’d do it, too, after being called a liar.

  34. @Jeffles I was not commenting on you, was just agreeing with #1

  35. ^aw man, really? I got it wrong as well? And after I was so horrid to whatshisface about his error, too.
    That’s simply horrible.


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