Friday, November 25, 2011

Short & Sweet!

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  1. ben

  2. Please, Lamebook, no more fake Internet quotes. We get the point.

  3. Jews had it great in this country and need to stop being so self-centered and whiny.

  4. Also, learn to spell.

  5. Mikey is an idiot. And not just because he calls himself ‘Mikey’, either.
    I’m not even a yank and I know that Thanksgiving has nothing to do with religion. It’s about empire, hostile takeovers of tribal lands and a capitalist feeding-frenzy.
    Why the hell WOULDN’T the yids get onboard?

  6. If I have to read that stupid “internet quotes are difficult to verify – Abraham Lincoln” quote or some variation of it on here again, I’m gonna chuck my laptop into traffic. It wasn’t funny the first five million times someone posted it on here, why would it be funny now??

  7. Cool story Justin

  8. i don’t understand Bradley’s…

  9. BlargBurger, I don’t understand how you can’t understand that. It’s very easy to understand.

  10. @MsAnneThorpe – Care to explain?

  11. beeyoootch. no. I’ve washed my hands of it now and moved on with my life.

  12. My Field of Dreams is MsAnneThrope‘s ass.

  13. ^
    I don’t know whether to be alarmed, aroused or flattered.
    I choose all three.

  14. HAHAHA MsAnne is sooo not funny. Do you spit or swallow?

  15. I’m with you mickey… i understand the gay bit…. but whats it got to do with a parking lot?? America has a shitload of gays f#king in the parking lot??
    yodawg…. i think its a combination of taking it in the ass…. then squirting it out….. then swallowing….. i believe it called a chocolate milkshake??

  16. ^
    believe it called a chocolate milkshake?
    Hah. Don’t pretend like you don’t know, sunshine.

  17. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Anyone who bases their world view on feeling angry and bitter and self-entitled because some other people who aren’t them were mistreated needs to rethink their position. It’s like black people; being mad because of social injustice going on today, fair enough. Being mad about slavery; no, that happened to other people and you’ve just read about it in a book. Being mad because modern social injustice is a consequence of slavery – or rather is caused by the same injustices that resulted in slaver – that I can understand too. Jews really don’t have that excuse though; they’re not really still being a victim of medieval laws or the holocaust; those things are all in the past.

  18. I hate the Lincoln quote. Number 1, I would think that “internet quotes” would be easier to prove. Cause you’re at the computer already. Look it up. Number 2, couldn’t ANY quote be false? Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it any easier to fake. You couldn’t put a bullshit quote in the paper, or retelling a story? Of course you can.

  19. Actually the Sephardic (Spanish) Jews financed the Columbus’ expedition Queen Isabella definitely didn’t have the capital availability at the time to finance the deal.

  20. Actually, @kakakakakaka– you ignorant TWIT– the SPANISH INQUISITION, instigated by ISABELLA & FERDINAND (started in 1480 and gaining full momentum in 1492), decreed the SLAUGHTER AND EXPULSION of thousands of Jews from Spain. Go look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls, idiot!!

  21. It’s amazing what you can learn about Thanksgiving and Jewers on Lamebook. It should be a teaching tool in schools.

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  23. Why all the hostility owards MsAnneThrope? She is, by far, one of the more clever posters here. Can’t we all get along?

  24. @dakpainter67 You appear to have missed the part where she started it. It doesn’t matter how “witty” or “woman-hatey” you are (and she apparently really hates us), if you are a dick, people will tend to dislike you.

  25. Bunnyslugger i could kiss you for finally doing that. It looks like people mainly come here (comments section)for acceptance and compliments, which is clearly an indication that they lack this in their everyday lives.

  26. Just give me the signal guys and i’ll slap MsAss down her high horse with my black cock.

  27. @yodawg, please do. Then choke he with it. Twice.

  28. Well said sababe. This comments section could clearly use more level-headed people like you.

  29. you could give it a try, yodawg. but I’ll probably just laugh at it.
    Then slice your throat open.

  30. I love it when people take anonymous comments seriously. Online. On a site that exists purely to show up human stupidity.

  31. I think there’s a difference between “taking things seriously” and being annoying. I guess you feel big everytime you come here bitch?

  32. Awww! Poor little yappy yodawggy. I’m hardly going to take you seriously, fucknut.

  33. Yippee…i got a response…oh wait, its from that dude…nevermind then.

  34. Vibrators. Another great American invention that has benefitted the entire world in countless ways.

  35. Yodawg and msannethrope are in LOVE

  36. He is. With his own left hand.

  37. ^ Aww! Very clever and original.

  38. Btw, im righty. Only use my left hand when i’m whipping you.

  39. so, never then?

  40. no

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