Thursday, August 28, 2014


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  1. Not sure if this is serious. I hope not.

  2. Serious or not, why are some toilets so f***ing low in Europe? Unless they’re catering to Asian immigrants or something there’s no reason to make my legs fall off

  3. For the kids, of course!

  4. That joke never gets old.

    Ohhh wait, it did get old like 20 years ago.

  5. Coll

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  7. It’s actually naturally better to take dumps in lower toilets. The best, of course would be the holes in the ground. A lot of people who can’t poop would benefit from squatting all the way down (making sure they will be able to get back up first).

  8. I assume that’s why the muricans need tall toilets.

  9. You should protest against these low set European fountains by doing something like washing your bum in them 😉

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