Friday, September 17, 2010

Show & Tell

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  1. Shit.

  2. is C. Heth on crack? She seems to be flipping in and out of sarcasm mode. I do like the fact that she knows that no one likes her, they just tolerate her by putting up with “her” shit.

  3. Seems like I am all alone here, can you guys with the funny comments start already I’m bored in this class.


    Ok then, since I am all alone,I guess it’s time for a cock out.

  4. There’s a lot of pissing and shitting go on with the Heth’s. Clearly a new bathroom suite is the answer to their colonic problems.

  5. I’m confused as to how Diana could have confused KY for a leave-in conditioner. I mean, if she had been using a leave-in conditioner before, wouldn’t she recognize that the KY bottle looks absolutely nothing like the other bottle, or that its contents have a much, MUCH different texture and appearance? And also, who the hell needs to read the label on the bottle to realize that KY is a fucking lubricant? I mean, damn. Either Diana’s a liar who is trying too hard to make a funny post, or she’s just frighteningly unobservant.

  6. Ducky, you got my attention with “cock out”, I just needed a little persuasion.

  7. I wish Princess and Brittany would learn to get along.

  8. the prostitute one is definitely from texts from last night…

  9. Whoa, Dukey! Sorry about that, my fingers are off sync today. Too much vino last night, apologies.

  10. Ducky, put that thing away! You’re in class!! But if you’re really bored, take photos and post. Thanks.

    And the Princess one? WTF? That was neither nor funny. It was just another (surprise!!) piece of trash.

  11. It’s okay to be loose with your words or you can be loose with your vagina. But never ever should you be loose with your words AND your vagina. That’s just greedy loose-ness.

  12. Number one is from TFLN. Sigh, are things from here original anymore?

  13. #12, that girl’s status is a steal from TFLN? If that’s the case, then SHE’S the lame and unoriginal one. Unless Lamebook has a bunch of people looking at multiple sites and what they’re posting, of course there are going to be shared/repeated posts.

    I’m sick of hearing: This is from that other site. This is fake. This is shopped. This is edited. Who. The. Fuck. Cares? Just take them for what they are.

    Some of us don’t have the time or inclination to check out multiple sites. You may have seen it, but a lot of us haven’t.

    Funnily enough, I visit TFLN. I missed this one.

    Anyway, I’m done. Carry on, everyone.

  14. I said girl. Mean is a bloke, I guess. Whatever.

  15. @ word – Don’t know bout you but I crave orginality not some ripped off/plagiarised version, not too much to ask but given the amount of retartness that is becoming more prevalent throughout the world of facebook, I fear my cravings will go unheeded.

    Shit, that’s too long and coherent. In summary, they suck monkey balls. Hard.

  16. I get what you’re saying, Android, but I guess Lamebook can only work with the stuff they’re given, and then in turn, so do we. I’ve no fucking clue what gets submitted to them – people are always saying they send them good shit, but at the end of the day it’s all subjective, isn’t it?

    I still love your anger, and I’d love to see someone sucking monkey balls. Now THAT would be a post worth seeing.

  17. Yeah I like good shit as much as the next man/woman/monkey but surely the onus is on lamebook to be a tad more stingent in their checks with submissions purely on the basis of saving such long-winded, frankly tedious discussions such as this.

    btw I <4 lamebook (just to clarify).

  18. I <4 Lamebook, too.

  19. I’m really starting to get tired of all these posts that are copied from Texts From Last Night. This is at least the third one this week. Lamebook really should have someone screen for these things.

  20. Well I don’t read TFLN so lucky me!

    Really though, running into your prostitute in Costco shouldn’t be awkward no matter who else is there. Don’t they have professional confidentiality in the oldest profession?

  21. I’m sure that’s the case, Em. It’d be exactly the same if you ran into your doctor/lawyer/priest. Well, if you’d slept with them, that is.

  22. I lost my professional ethics guidelines, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to sleep with clients or not… Ah well. What harm can it do?

  23. I’m not supposed to…

  24. Sure sounds like J…Heth got put in his fucking place. Owned!

  25. I’ve never actually had sex, but thanks to the comments in here I realize I never have to since it’s already been done elsewhere.

  26. @Soup I fail to see your logic.

  27. Sounds like J. Heth should get back in the kitchen.

  28. @27 and don’t forget to make C. Heth’s sammich!

  29. junebug, Soup is making a ironic/sarcastic reference to how he has only ever had anal intercourse but some people who comment here don’t think that counts as having “real” sex. I think you knew that though, so I don’t know why you’re being coy.

  30. That’s me, coy as ever.

  31. I ran into my prostitute yesterday…in my 4×4…it was just her time to go.

  32. Junebug, unlike most of you heathens, my logic is a fluid thing, embracing the true nature of the universe. I have no need to be bound by your ridiculous physical rules. When I bang you, the spiritual movement of the act will take you beyond the bodily realm. Calling it sex is too simplistic. My cock is a religion unto itself.

  33. Soup, June, Walter I missed that conversation so this may be a repeat: Does that mean gay men who’ve never had vaginal intercourse are all virgins?

  34. @ Soup Can I convert? 🙂

    @Saffer Yeah, they’re pure as snow.

  35. Yellow snow.

  36. Raaaainbow snow.

  37. is in <4 with Soup.

  38. Perverts. . . You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Now go to my room!

  39. you guys made me giggle more than the posts today. thanks :]

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