Monday, November 5, 2012

Sh*t Happens

Both of these posts have been featured on Lamebook before, but we were just recently informed that they are related, making it even better. Enjoy!

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  1. Fake. There is no relation.

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!

    And on an even better note, I just learned that women are legally allowed to be topless in public in Ohio. I never knew that before.

  3. Shut up, beatus.

  4. Ok, this makes no sense. Have a look at the first picture with Olivia on the wrist, such that it’s down the forearm some with the top of the text towards the fingers, bottom towards the elbow.

    Then look at the 2nd picture, cross out and “Shit Happens” with some weird crease and it expands out… I mean… WTF, this is not the same wrist, surely???

    Wait… did I just give too much of a fuck? (facepalm)

  5. Shut up, stubby.

  6. You are all stupid fucking retarded cunts.

  7. ^ You’re in a better mood than normal today… did you get laid or something?

  8. ^ He found a new porn site.

    T2000 used all of his 11 logins to vote me down.

  9. You count those stupid little fucking thumbs?

  10. This is why you should never ever tattoo a significant other’s name on your body.

  11. If you look at the bottom curvy design on the inside of the “O”, the pictures have different gaps. The overall line thickness of the “O” is different in each picture as well. While similar, I don’t think they’re the same (unless tattoos move). This somewhat annoys me though as that means T2000 is right for the first time ever.

  12. ^ Maybe the dude gained a lot of weight.

  13. ^Maybe you gained a lot of stupidity

  14. ^ You left your sense of humor in another thread last week. You might want to go back and pick it up.

  15. You left your sense of a good comeback in God knows where.
    And so did I
    Dang I suck

  16. Whoops I forgot this thingy ^

  17. i hate to admit this but i actually know jordan….through a mutual friend, his tattoo’s on the back of his neck not his wrist x

  18. @Leaemm I KNEW IT!
    That looks like a damn neck
    I win

  19. Wait, Leaemm… so Jordan got 2 tattoos of Olivia’s name on his body? What a lovestruck fool he was.

    Did he get them both at the same time, or did he only get the wrist one done after he’d cancelled out the neck one? (and they’d presumably got back together…) I’m so confused.

  20. ^ The wrist one was done with an eyeliner pencil.

  21. Now that Leaemm mentions it, the second picture looks like the back of a neck. If it were a wrist, it would be upside down compared to the first picture and obviously one would be fake or a different person.

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