Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sibling Spree

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  1. Vagina killers!!!

  2. Vaginas as in Plural??? WTF !

  3. Either their mom has two vaginas, or they have different moms.

  4. hindu do you ever shut the fuck up?

  5. Could be half brothers.

  6. Alright, I rarely speak in real life. But my online persona is that of a chatty son of a b.
    Don’t u get it? My computer is my window to the pretend world.

    This basement is so cold…

  7. And here we see the importance of the humble little apostrophe.

  8. I really hope they’re referring to their births, not some other event….

  9. “Mothers’ vaginas” or “mother’s vaginas” could be the difference between their father being a player or their mother being a freak.

  10. Don’t worry #6 some of us like you.

  11. ^Thank you amigo:)

  12. Their mother is a kangaroo. They have two vaginas. Mystery solved.

    Thats also the reason hes called Joey.

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