Monday, April 27, 2009

Sincerely Kenny Powers


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  1. This is just a quote from Eastbound & Down. Not sure if this should be on here seeing as how it’s a comedy show about a character who is supposed to be ridiculous

  2. This is not a quote from eastbound and down. That’s why it’s lame.

  3. No, pretty sure Hester is right. If it’s not from the movie, it’s written on an FB page for the character from the movie. Sorry, Admin!

  4. I don’t see it, but either way it’s funny.

  5. hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..i cant believe people like this exist…your f—ing out!!!

  6. this is the lamest.

  7. I will pay you 3 dollars to clean my toilet.

  8. this guy says that he (presumably) now works 9-5, then says “Na its more like 25/8”, meaning 25hrs a day, 8 days/wk?

    The very next sentence reads “I will never work for anyone”


  9. This guy just read ‘The Fountainhead’ and didn’t get it.

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