Monday, January 14, 2013

Skillens Strikes Back

Last week on Lamebook this happened:

Then, in typical Lamebooker fashion, you guys create this:

We love you. Join the new Skillens page here!

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  1. Seems the original Skillens FB page has been relaunched also, and they’re trying to deny any foul play!

  2. Why not a Dreamcast?


  4. I love this.

  5. carlosspicyweiner

    This is stupid.

  6. Ann Thorpe likeshorsedick

    What’s it like when everybody knows your full of shit? Hmmmmm. I wonder?

  7. Ann Thorpe likeshorsedick

    I must say though I would definitely be stumbling over this hag lookin for a good place to rub one out.

  8. Jewelry is spelled wrong on this store’s sign……. Business fail.

  9. “Complexsomeone” I wish I could put your comment as a lamebook post itself. You are aware that American English is not the only form of English on the planet right? Google British English spelling of jewellery…

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