Friday, October 25, 2013

Slam Dunkin’

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  1. Get your own damn wifi!!!

  2. The whole, “STEEEEVER” bit would be better without caps. With caps you look like a world class idiot. At least in lower case it would be slightly maniacal. I mean, can you see Mr. Burns screaming “EXCELLENT” at the top of his raisin lungs? No. Because he would look foolish and imbecilic, and Smithers would lose all respect for him.

    ipso facto…

    (That’s Latin for ‘just sayin’)

  3. Don’t have a cow man! Kowabunga dude. Fuck you and Mr. Burns. STEEEEEVERRRR!

  4. Easy there sweet-pea. I was only trying to give your gay uncle some constructive criticism.

  5. U sound like a faggot bawls

  6. Ouch.

  7. Bawls….you hit the nail on the head regarding caps use. And since it’s his ‘trademark’ of doucheness, I suppose it fits.

  8. Not sure if you peasants have noticed or not; Steeeever does as he damn well pleases!

  9. A “hi-five”
    I totally see what you did there, Mike.

  10. If you keep using free wifi, it’s your own fault if your device gets raped.

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  13. Thirteenth bitches !!!!!!!!!!

  14. *you’re

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