Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smart Moves

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  1. I <4 you.

  2. it’s all Obomo’s fault!

  3. 1 <4 oboma

  4. These all sucked. 🙁

  5. I am so disappointed in lamebook lately I have submitted some wonderful stuff lately and this is the CRAP that gets posted. GRR I give up. :p

  6. Lamebook is being downright sad these days. We just have to put a brave face on, kids!

  7. But it’s mostly Bosh’s fault.

    Idk y ppl on da internets rite so stopidd. Its so simpl two rite corectlish. Or meby im da only won???

  8. dirtylittlepretty

    i don’t <4 this

  9. <4 is the new <3? WHAT. I liked Sam's post ^

  10. Maybe I’m stupid and blind but I see no spelling mistakes in number 2?

  11. rearrange these words Lamebook.

    Bottom, Scrapping, Barrel, The & Of.

  12. Perhaps Sam shouldn’t wear such low cut v necks. I’m also going to assume Sam is a guy, so maybe shave that unruly chest hair as well.

  13. if chicks don’t want guys looking at their tits, maybe they should cover them up.

  14. I didn’t see any either 10

  15. @ 14 and 10.
    He has typed “invisible” instead of “invincible”

  16. thanks Rlmau! I too was baffled. I assumed he meant that he was so tired he felt like…. he…. maybe… had shrunk….. and was….. invisible OKAY I don’t know what I thought.

  17. I thought he did cardio and lost weight. Invisible right about now.

  18. yeah i thought he was so worn out that he felt like there was nothing left.

  19. SKINNNNNNEEEER, You are absolutely fucken correct.

    whatthecrap,Sam is short for Samantha, but I like your interpretation better.

  20. Nothing is better than scoping out boob. Except, maybe, grabbing random boob. Although this might get you banned from most sporting events. Not that I would know.

    Don’t mind my busy hands darlin’.

  21. I wanna live in a socitity !!

  22. Sam one is quite funny, while Larry needs a plan, he sounds like a beginner and 45 minutes of cardio and 90 of weight lifting will lead him nowhere.

  23. What spelling mistakes? He spelled invisible correctly. It may not have been the right word, but nothing was spelled wrong.

  24. Dear Sam please stop wearing ridiculously low cut tops in public. You’re never with a baby so we’re pretty sure you’re not breastfeeding.

    And either way dan_fargis says that God made Eve from the rib of Adam so technically We’re just looking at an extension of our bodies that just happens to be juicy.
    And plump.
    And succulent.
    And Bouncy.
    And Plump.
    And what was the question?

  25. Just made my day there, greenstrings.

  26. I <4 this post

  27. maybe becki has four babies and has numbered them, but tired of saying “baby #3” and therefore went with a much more clever, slightly mathematical way of numbering, i.e., baby <4.

  28. I <4 you all.

  29. These comments just made this post worthwhile

    lmao @ knuckledusters

  30. Normally, I don’t see much humor when someone makes a post mistake, then corrects it. But Sam’s first post failed because it was the exact opposite as to what she wanted. Speaking for others who don’t go back to correct, is it really that hard to remember to do so as to not look foolish? =/ Sam, just cover your damned tits up, you whore. No one really cares if you have a bangin’ body. If we wanted that, porn shows it all.

  31. OK I get the <3 is a heart but wtf does <4 mean?

  32. Jay and Jonathen, such astute social and political analysts

  33. Phoenixx: I’m pretty sure that <4 means that someone didn't proofread before posting.

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