Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Smart Suggestions

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  1. Wonder if the neck is a delicacy?

  2. Too soon.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    They shouldn’t have named him. Once you name the animal, it’s all over.

  4. They could have just stuffed him for the luls

  5. Hey, giraffe’s for lunch!

  6. Walter, you fuck… You fucked it up! You fucked it up! Her life was in our hands, man!

  7. Too soon? Wanting Lamebook to wait months like usual?

  8. That giraffe was inbred and unpleasant to be around. They were right to kill it.

  9. Cause no wild animal ever dies unless it’s filmed on a documentary

  10. I’ll give you a giraffe
    if you keep this shit up.

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  12. *facepalm*

    They didn’t kill the giraffe in front of the public. Only the dissection was done. Damn sensationalist articles.

  13. Momma’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow! Then the day after that, we start years of therapy because the trip to the zoo mentally scarred us for life.

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