Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smell Check

smell check

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  1. i think this is a quote from edan, he’s a jewish rapper

  2. that’s disgusting.

  3. He does it for the lawls.

  4. It’s spelled “you’re”. Unless he owns the gross she’s talking about…

  5. Lordwarford, he does own the gross she’s talking about. Duh!

  6. Times show it’s fake entry.

    The status was posted ’17 min ago’ but the comment is older than 24 hrs and thus the DATE and time is provided.

  7. @Amina, I’ve seen these with quite a few that are on this site… I’m thinking that maybe some people’s internet set ups are different?
    I don’t know why someone would fake this… I really would write ‘You’re gross’ on this status…

  8. THat has to be the most disturbing thing that I have seen all day. Change that to all week.

  9. I like to shit on people’s chest.

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