Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smooch the Pooch!

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  1. I bet they both enjoyed that very much, but, hey, whatever floats your boat.

  2. Cmon blondes, you’re not helping yourselves here.

  3. I wonder what she thought when the belly button jizzed in her mouth. Actually she probably didn’t notice it, she’s probably used to the taste.

  4. That makes two dogs happy

  5. Arf…

  6. WHAT?!?! No. NO!!! 🙁

  7. Hurray for dog blowjobs?

  8. What you are witnessing here is a crime.
    That puppy is CLEARLY UNDER AGE.

  9. Come on she’s wearing Silly Bands.

  10. Hmmmm, I think that dog must be a Cock-her Spaniel.

    Doyagetit, Doyagetit?!

  11. is it bad to jack off to this pic, again?

  12. Is it bad that I laughed harder at dragon74’s comment then I’ve ever laughed at anything on this page?

  13. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Man, that girl in the picture needs to get better friends. Not only would I tell me friend that isn’t a belly button, but I certainly would NOT snap a photo of her/him in the act, and if I did, I certainly would NOT share it online, or with anyone else, for that matter. I hope she gets better friends, and goes back to school, also, that she chews her parents out for the life-long sheltering she went through. I’m sure her parents meant it to protect her, but in the long run…sheltering like that never does. It breeds ignorance and these kind of photos.

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