Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smooth Moves

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  1. Shall I BEN! again?
    I shall!

  2. why does ashley have three photos of the same pose? I sense a camera whore.

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    #1 – Ghandi was a man of tolerance, but not even he could tolerate how stupid you are.

    #2 – Could you imagine history class with this guy: *raises hand* “Yes Justin?” “When did the War of 1812? start”

    #3 – Moose? Oh that kid is screwed.

    #4 – It never ceases to amaze that people forget details like that.

    #5 – Oh Paul, before throwing comments like that out there, you gotta fact-check buddy.

  4. why was Diane on facebook herself?

  5. these are not even funny and the ”forgetting you added your boss on facebook” has been done before. the first time was funny, this one isnt

    oh im such a killjoy

  6. Some posts are funny. Some are not. I can make the decision to visit this site…or not.

    Every.single.post on this site has some moron stating how unfunny all the posts are. Do yourself and others who enjoy this site a favor. Don’t visit the site anymore.

  7. the fate of intelligence

    The first three make me feel very very sad… but they made me laugh a bit, too

  8. That comment about the U.S.A. football match against England would have made sense if Justin is in fact English, but he probably isn’t…

  9. Paul must have been high when he made that comment, and not because he thought she was pregnant.

    Am I being nasty? Absolutely.

  10. ‘angel is pregnant not me.’

    i’ve heard that one so many times before.

  11. acjenn no need to get agressive i enjoy this site too.

    if you dont like the fact that people are entitled to their opinions then maybe YOU should leave. theres the door. use it.

  12. BringYourOwnSun

    I’m pretty certain I know where that “moose” pic was taken (I’ve been there many times) and there is a moose in another enclosure. Maybe they were just saying “he liked the moose better.” *shrug* I still laughed out loud though!

  13. i wonder how embarrased paul was when he saw ashleys reply 😛

  14. CampGrooveThang

    The moose one is hilarious!

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @#13 Paul was not embarrassed, He was giving her a hint that she is fat and she got the hint.

  16. She’s not pregnant… She love the cake…

  17. maybe ‘the moose’ is the name of the horse

  18. Beware of the food baby Ashley

  19. I just love that Alix was writing a report based on her guess of what the word she’d been given was. Can it really be called ‘studying’ if you make it up, and can they really be called ‘notes’ if you haven’t actually taken them from anywhere?

  20. i love malteaser too

    I like how Alix, despite her other forms of ignorance, spells Gandhi correctly and not as “Ghandi”, as most westerners spell it (including on this page). Just coz’ the poor man has a name that is mauled in pronunciation by the people of the West, doesn’t mean that they even mar the spelling of his name according to their phonetics. Well done Alix. Only if you could take the next step now.

  21. facebook kids today dont know who Gandhi is but they are the go to people if you want to learn how to paint your face like miley cyrus or how to finish the latest coolest video game.

    you know……important things.

  22. well, yeah, i mean “Gandhi” has impacted my life a lot

  23. Why is the pregnancy one bad? It’s not like her stomach was showing and he said that.

  24. CommentsAtLarge

    @ i love malteaser too

    Yeah, crap. I’m a big dumb animal sometimes. Thanks for the catch and correct without taking it in a all-too-common nasty manner.

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