Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So Disappointed…

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  1. The only thing a 12/13 year old knows about society is what their parents have brainwashed them to think.

  2. I know plenty about how to succesfully integrate myself into human society.

  3. I’m not angry, just disappointed.

  4. Funny.

  5. We can thank MTV/shitty parenting for our nations fucked up future.

  6. Okay… This is awkward seeing myself up here, however i must say Michaela isn’t like her parents, she is a free thinker (unlike some kids, who have been summed up by Scarab83). But some people who are uneducated don’t understand that (Adam Goodlette). There was tons more to this conversation but they trimmed it i’m guessing.

  7. Adam goodlette also takes selfies.

  8. What is a selfie?

  9. Good spelling on Facebook is always a good marker of cultural understanding.

  10. Adam also misspelled: “I’m,” “is,” “you,” and “about.”

  11. It is not ‘spell it right’. It is ‘spell it correctly’.

    Also, ‘scociety’ isn’t a spelling error, it’s a typographical error.

    That aside, well done. You cunt.

  12. carlosspicyweiner

    PBR me ASAP.

  13. necrophiliac64258

    Voy a hablar en español a partir de ahora

  14. Carlos wants a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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