Friday, October 5, 2012

So Long, Alcohol

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  1. Fake.

  2. Lake.

  3. Cake. It’s a lie.

    This guy sounds like how my brother used to be.

  4. Bake. That’s the key.

  5. Sake. Oh wait, being trailor trash he would’ve been on metho and milk.
    Can we clarify that stripper=crack whore ?

  6. ‘wake up, bake up, gotta get my cake up’ – Plato.

  7. , and that strip-club = burnt out row-home in the mostly abandoned outskirts of the industrial side of town.

  8. hadtostopdrinking

    yeah this was my status. lol. i can’t believe somebody posted it on here. well it’s all true, but so is the first part. i haven’t had a drink in 5 days. i sat in tattletales all night tonight and drank o’douls. nothing crazy happened. i was in flashers the night of this madness.

  9. hadtostopdrinking

    oh, except for the heroin part at the end. that was a joke.

  10. ^ Looks like you’ve kicked a few goals in your life. Two fist fights? I’m guessing the skill level was between windmilling with a metre and a half gap between you both, and rough cuddling with tough talk and chest puffing.
    Good work. Lemme guess, you’re single right?

  11. Oh yeah? Well, congrats on being a quitter, guy. Because, if you keep that shit up and start drinking yourself stupid again you’re gonna end up on stage with some old tattered fool doin’ teh helicopter in your face at Swingin’ Richards! lol…

  12. slicingupeyeballs

    Pffft, stopping drinking is for quitters…

  13. yes. also livers.
    get it? livers

    man, that shit is so deep I should charge a fee to make it meaningless enough so’s that you guys can understand it.

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