Friday, October 14, 2011

Softening the Blow

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  1. #1 is merely a long and drawn out, unoriginal, teenage-joke-bookesque version of #2

    boo lamebook.


  2. No 1 would have been *slightly* more convincing if the age had been filled in…

  3. I swear I saw number one somewhere at least a year ago. Boo.

  4. Pretty funny

  5. there shud be a

  6. comparethemeerkat is where all the lame Steeevers can go…

  7. #3 you saw it here on lamebook a year ago. Different names, same story. I would find the link, but I think it’ll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  8. I love the double meaning with the iPhone picture.

    The kid is unsure as to whether he has gotten his girlfriend pregnant precisely BECAUSE he failed his Biology exam xD.

  9. There’s a much better version of #1 going around somewhere. It is about a girl in college though. Instead of starting with the boyfriend, she starts with very small things:
    ‘I got a part time job! I’m going to be waitressing. The money is so good I dropped out of college to do it full-time, which is really helpful since I’m supporting my boyfriend who is out of work. The waitresses wear the cutest little skirts! Of course we can’t wear anything on top…’

  10. The first one was ruined for me when I read that she still gets report cards. Also she spells her name Lizzii wtf

  11. There has been a version of this joke as long as mankind has exsisted.

    Cavegirl Don’t be angry Father, but I’ve been fucking Bruno the Brontosaurus.

    Captain Caveman Huh?! Say what now?!

    Cavegirl Only joking, I failed my dead horse with line through cave-painting exam though!

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