Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Family Fun

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  1. Way to overreact Heather

  2. Why am i under the impression that the very sweet interchange between jack and his mum needs to be followed by +/- 15 posts from his friends having a field day masacring him ?

  3. Does Terri mean “Ditto”, or is she actually expressing her love for the annoying, dull, monotone warblings of former star Dido?

  4. Wow, I want to see the rest of Meaghan’s album to see why she’s now the shame of the family. 😀

  5. fuck you grandma carla.

  6. Well at least we can be sure that joshua and bob aren’t hillbillies otherwise that would have been considered normal behavior.

  7. What exactly is going on in Meaghan’s picture? It looks like a man is going to set a dog on fire but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is.

    My lenses precription needs changed I think…

  8. Carla needs to take that stick out of her ass. I don’t even know how she finds time to write comments on Facebook what with all those kids she has to chase off her lawn all the time.

  9. @jools – I think they’ve out a pipe in the dog’s mouth? But I’m not too sure either

  10. I can’t really see, what are they doing in Meaghan’s picture?

  11. Meaghan’s picture appears to be a man smoking a bowl while holding a dog. I thought it was a child next to him as well, but maybe it’s Meaghan?

  12. I’m not related to Monica at all. Therefore I can legally say I’d hit it.

    And Meaghan, time to cut the friends list down by one very over-reactive person. Now.

  13. I’ve heard of overreacting, but Heather’s overreaction takes the cake.

  14. such a supportive family meaghan has… if a little bit of pot smoking is going to cause her to be such a shame to her family…. wow… that lot need to remove the sticks from their anuses. glad my family arent a buncha prudes.

  15. In Heather’s defense, the rest of Meaghan’s photo album consists of her forcibly sodomizing household pets, taking rude pictures on top of naked prisoners in a Cuban prison, and shaking hands with Celine Dion.

    So, as you can see… she wasn’t REALLY overreacting.

  16. @mcowles: I didn’t see any problems until you said shaking hands with Celine Dion. That’s just not right.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Celine Dion FTW @ mcowles

  18. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    mcowles, you say “forcibly” like there’s a consentual option. What do you know that I don’t?

  19. Ahaha, Heather’s awesome. Also, for those two cousins, there’s a pretty simple solution to pretending this didn’t happen… you are on Facebook after all.

  20. Speaking of blind people. *sigh* I saw a girl walking around my uni today with a cane and sunglasses. She’s definitely not blind, for I know her to the transitive property. If I were blind, I’d probably take that as an insult. Well, if I could see her that is.

  21. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Why is Carla in Marissa’s face? She said that Erica said it.

    Also, Terri spelled “dildo” wrong.

  22. gingivitis, you’re obviously not a Dido fan. If you were, you’d know that the sixth track on her most recent album is called “Mums Can Judge Also”, and Terri was just quoting its lyrics.

  23. JesusOnADinosaur

    Terri reminds me of why I always ignore my mum’s friend requests.

  24. @Divine

    Some wine and some catnip go a long way to consensual love-sodomy with pets.

    After all, there’s not just one thing that smells like bacon 😉

  25. Scene: Easter brunch at Bob’s house

    Joshua: Hey Bob, long time no see.
    Bob: Yeah, how are you? Oh, this is my sister, Monica. Looks like it will just be the three of us for brunch.
    Joshua: Hi, Monica. It’s so nice to finally meet you. Here’s my contribution for the meal.
    Monica: Thanks, smells delicious. I’m glad you could come. I guess you’re the only other pious one in the family.
    Joshua: Yep. Iwanttostabyouwithmyspear.
    Monica: Excuse me?

    Cut to post brunch mimosas – Bob has left to go back to church

    Monica: Josh, that chocolate soufflé was wonderful. It’s too bad Bob is diabetic and couldn’t have any. What’s the secret ingredient?
    Joshua: Rohypnol.
    Monica (swaying): Huh?
    Joshua: I want to lay in your cave for three days.
    Monica (falling down): Huh?
    Joshua: I HAVE RISEN!

  26. @ SOUP LOLOLOL That was the funniest bit of dialogue I’ve ever read! Thanks for making my afternoon!

  27. JesusOnADinosaur

    That was hilarious.

  28. Our ideas of who we should and shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with are so archaic. Everyone says “a brother and sister having sex? EWWWW”

    But why? Granted, their children might not be born in the traditional “healthy” sense, but if they’re not going for children, then what’s the big deal?

    Is it because sex is gross, if children aren’t possible? or wanted? Obviously not the case, since homosexual sex and sex post-snip/tie are considered ok (for the most part).

    So… can someone tell me why I should untie my sister, instead of whispering “time for round two”?

  29. My first guess of the pic of Meaghan was that someone was smoking up a cat… with a bong or pipe, but I can’t see it either. I hate when people post those thumnail pics on their FB…

  30. mcowles: because your father wants a turn.

  31. Snip FTW! lol

  32. JesusOnADinosaur

    @Monkey – you’ll have to pay copyrights for that “lol”(c)malteaser.

  33. mcowles…. you just completely surpassed funny to creepy. Well done.

  34. yourinevitabledemise

    You know, he might even be trying to smoke up that dog, which *is* cruel. Why make your dog go to all that trouble if you can just blow it in his face?

  35. I don’t think anyone can be too hard on Joshua. She’s kinda cute even from a female perspective here.
    It sucks don’t it mate, when Society’s morality and standards of decent behaviour get in the way of lusting after your cousin.
    It doesn’t stop some though.
    Problem is Josh, if you go there, your offspring probably won’t be as cute as Monica.

  36. I have a sister in law named Heather who is the same brand of, “OMG so offensive!!!!!! you shame the family!” One year she un-invited me to Easter because I posted “happy bunny shit day.” She later de-friended me because my (negative) views of fashion and makeup were socially unacceptable. Yeah.

    I am *dying* to know if this is her.

  37. oh, wait, is she that girl’s mother? nevermind. not her.

  38. I’m calling fake on the monica one

  39. @28 mcowles

    @30 Snip
    Well played 🙂

  40. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ JesusOnADinosaur outside of “lol” malteaser doesn’t say anything…much less sue me 😀

  41. I’m sure most of us reading this aren’t related to Monica. Fap away!

  42. JesusOnADinosaur

    @Monkey – he could… write an email? … Mimic? You’d lose billions. And then a little note would be left at your door.

    “Dear Monkey,

  43. I knew a guy who smoked out a litter of kittens. He put them in a bag, blew in the smoke. Some of them didn’t seem to like it, but some of them had a blast chasing the butterfly hallucinations, so he smoked them out again.

    I knew a guy who shared smoke, cigarette or pot, with a horse. The horse would come running when he smelled the smoke. The guy would blow the smoke into the horse’s nose. Horse would get all mellow.

  44. Piran,

    I love a good yarn, anywhere, anytime, and I can be as filthy as hell, and probably offend some even.
    But there’s just some things I don’t want to hear or read about, and your story, which basically equates to animal cruelty, is an example.
    So not cool.
    Maybe others will enjoy, but not this girl.

  45. wordpervert, couldn’t agree more. But then, any story that begins with “So I put a bunch of kittens in a bag…” is probably full of douche baggery.

  46. Joshua could have played it off much better than that. Make it look intentional.

  47. lol

  48. the last one has to be the gayest thing i’ve seen on facebook…EVER!!!

  49. I call fake AND gay at Living with Balls

  50. Jack E is probably 48, overweight and living at home with mom.

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