Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some People

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  1. I feel like I shouldn’t agree with either person on this one, because I don’t agree with people who say “b4” as a principle

  2. Then how do you explain The Flintstones! Living with dinosaurs and shit. Duuuh!

  3. I feel as if you are unnecessarily trying harder now you’re not doing the rape tagline anymore.

  4. I agree. If someone grows a brand and uses a specific motif then it can easily come across as crass when they then use that platform to cross-promote things like the Flintstones and so on.

  5. Tagline? You mean the warnings?

    You want more warnings on what might lead to rape?

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  7. Dr.LesterForeskin

    No, no we don’t Dane. People, don’t encourage him.

  8. If you guys start getting raped again, I’ll have to spread out more warnings again. The safety of the people is my priority.

  9. you’re alright Dane, you’re alright…

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