Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Truth

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  2. Where have you been Steeeever?

  3. Edward Norton?

  4. Cullen, I believe.

  5. Paranoid Android72

    Fucking hell, is Steeeever still going? He had Rebecca Black written all over him.

  6. No doubt Troy and Justin planned their little gay joke.

  7. @bradles, unlike your wife, who says you’re entire life is an unplanned gay joke. Then I boned her.

  8. *your.

    But to be fair, it all sounds the same as bradles wife gags on my man-sausage.

  9. That was a pretty good movie

  10. Stubbyholder. That makes very little sense, despite the fact that I have no wife.
    What were you attempting in those poorly constructed sentences?
    An insult? I hope not.

  11. Ive been busy; but still have time to return for the occaisional First! STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEERRRR!!!
    I know paranoid android has been missing me.

  12. there is poop on my pinky, and boy is it stinky. HEY! that rhymed!

  13. A penis within a vagina doesn’t give you conception. A sperm within an egg is conception.

  14. …..and thank god for that!

  15. ^yeah. thank your god for that.

  16. ^ oh, you actually used words that are most common for this century.

    fucking idiot.

  17. ^For fuck’s sake–so she used a word with which you weren’t familiar. Just look it up and be grateful to have learned something. Let it go, brother.

  18. @Flames, this century is only slightly more than a decade old. Please, go ahead and list the “most common” words of the 21st century. It’s not like anyone here will be around to prove you wrong.

  19. I think I should be somewhat concerned that flame called me an idiot. He does seem to have extensive inside knowledge on what constitutes idiocy after all.
    But there is a strong probability that he is completely wrong and possibly even using the wrong word. He’s not sure.

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